‘Dog’ wanted to die after losing Beth


Dog the Bounty Hunter was so heartbroken after the death of his wife Beth he wanted to kill himself.

“I just hope that I don’t live very much longer without her,” said 68-year-old Duane Chapman on the season finale of “Dog’s Most Wanted” Wednesday night.

“Now she made the first step, she’s through the gate,” he said. “She paved a way for me. I want to take a goddamn pain pill so bad.”

Beth Chapman died in June at the age of 51 after losing her battle to throat cancer.

The dog said he doesn’t know what Beth’s reaction would be if he suddenly showed up in Heaven.


“I feel like if I did something to myself right now and passed away suicidal and I got to heaven and was like, ‘Hi honey,’ and would she go, ‘You d—k a—s, why would you do that?’ Or would she go, ‘Wow, you’re here.’ I’ll be like ‘Of course I’m here. You left me. I’m here.’ So, am I obligated to do that?”

The reality star said he hates to be left alone for too long because “That’s when I start thinking about things. I don’t realize yet psychologically that she’s gone.”

In September, Dog was hospitalized with chest pains which he said was caused by a broken heart.

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