Biden a real genius

Goodbye pale blue dot

Biden a real genius

The ever-spiraling death of America is out of control like a planet spinning toward a black hole and it MUST END.

America already had an horrendous homeless crisis before Biden came along. So what does he do? He flings the southern border wide open and lets in millions of undocumented migrants — countless numbers of them murderers, rapists, child traffickers, drug dealers and terrorists.

They come in and rape and kill American citizens and trash our cities. And Biden keeps letting them in, three million last year alone, and there’s nowhere to put them. Former upscale hotels that were turned into homeless shelters are full. So the migrants live on the street. More homeless people.

Now, that’s genius, old man. But you know what it makes you — not that you give a rat’s ass — it makes you and your corrupt political machine an accessory to every crime committed by these illegals. Add to that the now totally crushing tragedy of homelessness in our society. This too is on your senile head.

And on the head of the Democratic National Committee. Someone, SOMEONE in that rotten organization should have the courage and the patriotism to stand up and say, We gotta get rid of this dangerous old fool and bring in some new candidate for President. 

But, of course, no one in the DNC will ever have the guts to step out of the shadows of total power because they are all as crooked as one another.

Let’s see, old man, in the year you have left, what else can you do in your destruction of America? How about something Really Big. You know, go out with a BANG!

Hey, here’s an idea. Why don’t you REALLY piss off Putin and order a no-fly zone in Ukraine to prohibit Russian planes from flying over Ukrainian territory.

“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.” — Barack Obama

Yeah! That’d do it. Before you can say Can I smell your hair, little girl, this pale blue dot would be in World War III. Russia and the United States have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world many times over. But once would be enough. Horrendous, unimaginable pain, death and a burning hell.

The only problem with that is that you and your corrupt regime will scurry like rats to bunkers and survive while the rest of us become space dust. Humanity will be gone and you will still be here, you lying cheating corrupt pedophile old fuck.

What a sick twisted world this turned out to be.

Wake up liberals before you let this old man wipe out civilization.


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