9/11 Last moments

“United 93 — you got information on that yet?”

”Yeah, he’s down.”

”He’s down? When did he land?”

”He did not land.”

9/11 Last moments

“Betty, talk to me…”

betty talk to me

Flight attendant Betty Ong, on American Airlines Flight 11, was the first person to notify authorities that a plane had been hijacked and that two of her colleagues and a passenger had been stabbed. Betty and flight attendant Madeline Sweeney stayed on the phone with authorities until the very last moment, providing crucial information on the hijackers.

Madeline Sweeney

Madeline’s last words just before the plane crashed into the World Trade Center were, “We are flying very, very low. We are flying way too low. Oh my God, we are flying way too low.”

Betty’s last words were, “Pray for us. Pray for us.”

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