Where are the dead?

So far away

Where are the dead? In the far reaches of the universe bordering on oblivion. And that’s why I am yelling. Where the hell are you, honey? I need to talk to you. For thirty years when I’d get mad at life not going my way (Shakespeare’s good old ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,’) I would yell and curse at my misfortunes and even at inanimate objects if they didn’t work right and you would say, Stop yelling! at which point I would realize how loud and obnoxious I was being and stop yelling. But I am yelling now because I don’t know where you are except it’s so damn far away I may never be able to talk to you again and there was so much left unsaid and unresolved that I have to keep trying no matter how hopeless it seems. I even asked the Silver Surfer to help in the search. I can’t believe I did that. The Silver Surfer for godsake! I mean, who am I? But he understood my quest because he had suffered the loss of his own soul mate, Dawn.

Where are the dead?
Silver Surfer carrying his soul mate Dawn.

He reported back to me after a while. I don’t know how long. It was either a very long time or no time at all. He told me he couldn’t find you. It was a huge blow. But I keep trying. I’m like that guy who kept pushing a boulder up a hill and it kept rolling back down. What was his name?* Sometimes I think I’m losing my mind. Do you know any of what’s going on down here, honey, from wherever you are in the far reaches of the universe bordering on oblivion.

*In Homer’s Iliad, Book VI, Sisyphus was forced to roll a huge rock up a hill, but it kept rolling back down and he had to do this over and over forever.


3 thoughts on “So far away

  1. This makes perfect sense to me, very understandable. I keep trying to find my late son, or see some kind of a sign that others are always talking about getting. It will be 2 years in a couple of weeks, and I’m still waiting and hoping and asking.

  2. Val, I am sorry for the loss of your son. Before my wife died, my son died of a drug overdose at 23. The only way for me to go on without them is to hope beyond hope that they are together and that soon the three of us will be together.