Out of his mind

Putin warns he WILL use nukes against West in ‘lightning fast’ strike if anyone interferes in Ukraine.

Reports that Putin is dying of cancer or some other terminal disease — or has gone totally insane — are becoming more frequent and from multiple sources.
Dying Putin nothing to lose
He shuffles when he walks, his face is bloated, and his hands shake — he has to hold onto the edge of a table when he sits down to stop his hands from shaking.
So… if this madman is actually dying… and has nothing to lose… and not having a shred of humanity… all he has to do is pick up the red phone… and say: 


“Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.”

Barack Obama’s description of his then vice president now looms as a dire warning to the world as Putin gets ready to invade Ukraine.

No one doubts — not even members of Joe Biden’s own Democrat party — that this political hack could cast the world into a nuclear hell on earth.

Obama: Biden’s a ‘fuckup’
Russian tanks on the move.

Add to what Obama said the damning criticism by Obama’s former defense secretary Robert Gates:

“Biden has been wrong on every major foreign-policy and national-security issue over the past four decades.”

Christ Almighty, let’s hope that Vladimir Putin plays it cool and doesn’t get this senile Calamity in Chief all riled up.

Obama: Biden’s a ‘fuckup’

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