Going to Katmandu.

𑐫𑐾𑑃 𑐡𑐾𑐫𑑂‎ / येँ देय्

Come with me, come along.
I’m tired of being blue, I’m going to Kathmandu, I’ll take my cat there too, yeah, that’s what I’ll do — I’ll find Kaitlin Armstrong, we all know she did wrong, she’ll be smokin’ a bong, Come with me, come along.

Going to Katmandu.
Paper’s motto: Without Fear or Favour

Going to Katmandu.

Going to Katmandu.
Going to Katmandu.

KATMANDU by Bob Seger
I’m tired of looking
At the TV news
I’m tired of driving
Hard and paying dues
I figure, baby
I’ve got nothing to lose
I’m tired of being blue

Oh, that’s why I’m
Going to Katmandu
Up to the mountains
Where I’m going to
If I ever get out of here
That’s what I’m gonna do

Going to Katmandu.

*The ‘Katmandu’ spelling has long been used in English-language publications, but ‘Kathmandu’ with an ‘h’ has become more common in recent years as it reflects the preferred local usage.