The sound of revolution

Gun range boom days

The sound of gunfire from the range near my house has gotten louder in the last few days. 

Louder and more rapid, as though the shooters are using more high-powered automatic weapons.

I am so accustomed to the sound that I wasn’t immediately aware of the increase until I noticed the birds weren’t coming around to the bird feeder in my backyard as often.

Of course! Scared off by the sound.


Especially on Sunday morning, which is ‘family day’ at the range. Bang-bang, crack-crack, pop-pop-pop! Fun for the whole family — bargain rates! $25 an hour, children under 16 free!

An AR-15 for Dad, a 9-mil beretta for Mom and a .22 rifle for LIttle Joey. The range opens at 9 a.m. so there’s time for a good hour or two of shooting before heading off to church at eleven.

Liberal New York State is not your typical impassioned, praise-the-lord-and-pass-the-ammunition state like you might find in so-called Red States. But there are more gun-totin’ Republicans around here than care to admit it.

And they are angry. The sudden increase in patronage and gunfire at the local range is a direct result of their bitter disappointment over the midterm elections. They wanted to take back the Congress and block as many of the ruling government’s disastrous policies as possible.

But as it turned out, the Republicans failed to gain control of the Senate and have only an ineffectual advantage in the House of Representatives.

Thus, even in Blue State New York, the gunpowder smell of revolution is in the air. Another two years of having their constitutional rights taken away by a demented political hack and his self-righteous gang of liberal loons — Hell, no, say the gun-totin’ church-goin’ patriots, we won’t have it!

Gun range boom days
I’m lovin’ it!

I’m okay with that — I have my own rifle at the ready — as I lurk in my own world a mile across the woods from the gun range — but, hey guys, you’re scaring the crap out of my birds.

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2 thoughts on “The sound of revolution

  1. Man, I feel for your sanity. I guess it would be like tinnitus, eventaully getting used to the sound, not so much for the birds. I have an army of birds at my feeders and the only sounds I hear our here in the country are people testing their guns. I’m sure most of my neighbors are heavily armed, as I am, and wouldn’t want some fed trying to take their arms.

  2. You bet, ditto my Henry rifle. The midterms, by the way — with all the mayhem at the border, total lawlessness in major Democrat-run cities, unaffordable food prices, a dangerously weakened Military, a senile babbling ‘president’ and hyena for a vice, both of whom are ridiculed around the world (the list goes on and on) — the midterms are proof that HALF of America actually likes being screwed in the buttigieg.