DeSantis new GOP star

Man of the hour


The only red wave in America on Tuesday night came ashore in Florida where Governor Ron DeSantis stormed to victory.

The 44-year-old former U.S. Navy lawyer and decorated Iraq War veteran seized the state, winning big in the longtime Democrat stronghold of Miami-Dade County.

“We not only won the election,” DeSantis told supporters after his victory, “we have rewritten the political map.”

His huge win over Democrat Charlie Crist makes him, potentially, the new star of the Republican Party, and possibly the prime candidate in the 2024 Presidential election.

“DeSantis is the new head of the party, not a 76 year old man,” said Republican operative Caleb Hull.

Trump’s concerns about DeSantis as frontrunner have been smoldering for some time. He even suggested he has ‘dirt on DeSantis’ — who he nicknamed ‘DeSanctimonious.’

Whatever DeSantis decides about 2024, the midterm results made a good case for him as the man to bring America back from the edge of doom.

DeSantis new GOP star
DeSantis as a member of the Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG).

Ron DeSantis is a graduate of Yale and Harvard and a U.S. Navy lieutenant who was legal advisor to a Navy SEAL squad in Iraq in 2007.

His wife Casey, 42, a former Jacksonville news anchor, won a battle against breast cancer, recently being diagnosed as cancer-free. Ron and Casey have three children.DESANTIS NEW GOP STAR

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3 thoughts on “Man of the hour

  1. Former Pres Trump should have called Gov Desantis and congratulated him as a magnanimous gesture. Trump being the pugilist he is conflict wheelhouse is he knows; he did not. The Unity and popular culture would benefit. All they see is typical Trumpian MO. Trump is now as Toxic even to most Repubs as Hillary is to us, and most independents. A bridge too far and yes Trump has been vindicated again and again. So as more info of voter irregularly and deep state covert operations of personal destruction weaponization of Agencies comes to light. The showman Trump is should let people want more after he left the stage. Not more of this crappy behavior which only serves to stifle his electability. Take a lesson from Netenyahu point out the bad actors, but tirelessly build alliances to ascend to power again. With class.

  2. Trump is his own worst enemy at this point — he should park his ego and do what’s best for the Party, even if that means stepping aside for DeSantis to take the wheel.

  3. The media will destroy him just like Trump or any Constitutionalist Populist Patriot! The Whole GOV media apparatus Maybe you could get these carnival barker illusionist Hollywood Babylon jesters, Anti christ Pharisee money changers straightened out!! And, then Telcy Gabbard is outed. What she’s worthy of her own third party? Join the populist Republic preserving Republican Party of Lincoln or shut up and sit your nativist Islander ass down. We know you are a Globalust Female Che’ Griveva AOC esk mouthpiece for the dark money. Thanks for your military service where you learned, like lIbama how to dismantle the Constitutional Order.