Dogs saved from slaughter

Saved from the slaughterhouse

Dogs On China’s Death Row Find Life in America

Dozens of dogs about to be slaughtered for China’s meat markets are now safe in America.
They arrived at JFK Airport on Saturday with yelps of joy as foster families eagerly waited to take them home.
“These dogs are my heroes, the adopters are my heroes,” said Jeffrey Beri, who founded the organization ‘No Dogs Left Behind,’ which operates a shelter in Beijing.Dogs saved from slaughter
Many of the adopters who were waiting at JFK Airport have been on a waiting list for a year to take care of their new friends.

Beri and his team of volunteers have saved thousands of dogs since 2017. The animal lovers often have to use Army-type maneuvers, usually under cover of darkness, to save the dogs from sure doom.

Dogs saved from slaughter

“Every one of these dogs that are now in America is an ambassador for the cruelty-free movement that we’re fighting for,” said Beri.

Help stop the dog trafficking market in China
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  1. I’m not officially a vegetarian but when I think of this story I think that eating any animal is repulsive and a crime against the animal kingdom, ergo, I reckon from now on I’ll stop eating all meat.

  2. What do you suggest for dinner then? How about vegetable lasagna? Fettuccine alfredo? All too many carbs I guess?