Magnificent beasts tortuous death.

Dinosaurs Day of Hell


Two trillion tons of rock traveling at 44,000 miles an hour crashed into the Earth and wiped out the magnificent beasts in a hideous hell of tortuous death.

An asteroid ten miles wide plummeted through space and hit the coast of Mexico 66 million years ago and changed the course of history. The furious fireball left a 12-mile deep crater across 93 miles.

In new research, scientists say the so-called ‘Chicxulub (Chicks-uh-lub) impactor’ caused the sudden mass extinction of the dinosaurs, as well as destroying three-quarters of the plant and animal species living on Earth.

The force of the asteroid was a billion times more powerful than both the atom bombs dropped on Japan in World War II.

A brutally horrendous and painful death for the largest creatures that ever walked the Earth.

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