Out of his mind

Putin warns he WILL use nukes against West in ‘lightning fast’ strike if anyone interferes in Ukraine.

Reports that Putin is dying of cancer or some other terminal disease — or has gone totally insane — are becoming more frequent and from multiple sources.
Dying Putin nothing to lose
He shuffles when he walks, his face is bloated, and his hands shake — he has to hold onto the edge of a table when he sits down to stop his hands from shaking.
So… if this madman is actually dying… and has nothing to lose… and not having a shred of humanity… all he has to do is pick up the red phone… and say: 


Dinosaurs Day of Hell

Magnificent beasts tortuous death.


Two trillion tons of rock traveling at 44,000 miles an hour crashed into the Earth and wiped out the magnificent beasts in a hideous hell of tortuous death.

An asteroid ten miles wide plummeted through space and hit the coast of Mexico 66 million years ago and changed the course of history. The furious fireball left a 12-mile deep crater across 93 miles.

In new research, scientists say the so-called ‘Chicxulub (Chicks-uh-lub) impactor’ caused the sudden mass extinction of the dinosaurs, as well as destroying three-quarters of the plant and animal species living on Earth.

The force of the asteroid was a billion times more powerful than both the atom bombs dropped on Japan in World War II.

A brutally horrendous and painful death for the largest creatures that ever walked the Earth.

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Our worries may soon be over

Earth on borrowed time.


Stressed out about life on Earth these days?

Don’t worry, our troubles may soon be over.

The planet Earth is living on borrowed time — big time.

We are overdue for a massive catastrophic event that would destroy all life on land and in the sea.

Mass extinction events in the past are known to have occurred every 27 million years, according to scientific calculations based on the orbits of our planets in the Milky Way galaxy.

The last global annihilation on Earth was when a huge asteroid wiped all the dinosaurs.

That was 66 million years ago.

Ergo, Earth is 39 million years overdue for cosmic Armageddon.



The meteor of doom is running late, but when it hits, the world will be plunged into darkness and unsurvivable cold and pounded with acid rain that would destroy all land and marine life.

Catastrophic events such as meteor strikes and gigantic volcanic eruptions follow a cycle.

Global extinctions coincide with what the scientists call “flood-basalt eruptions,” where huge amounts of lava burst out onto the Earth’s surface, causing lethal greenhouse heating and cutting off oxygen in the ocean.

“Large-body impacts and the pulses of internal Earth activity that create flood-basalt volcanism march to the same drumbeat as the extinctions,” scientists say, as published in the recent journal Historical Biology.

Three mass annihilations of land and sea species in the last 250-million years followed this same large-body impact/volcanism pattern. There is no scientific reason why that would change.

So, if I may paraphrase a famous movie title, Learn to stop worrying and love the meteor.

Earth on borrowed time.


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