Biden showered with daughter.

Biden showered with his young daughter

Biden showered with daughter.This guy never quits — In the ‘Woke’ crowd’s new politically correct America, critics call Biden a ‘Minor Attracted Person,’ an almost cute euphemism for pedophile.


Skeletons in the closet don’t get more disgusting than this!

Joe Biden used to shower with his young daughter when he was a senator, the girl’s private diary has revealed.

The disclosure came to light when a Florida woman, a single mother who is a recovering drug addict, found Ashley Biden’s diary stuffed under a mattress in a halfway house for drug addicts.

The diary contains an entry in which Ashley admits that showering with her father, then-Senator Joe Biden, as a young girl may have contributed to her sex addiction.

The woman who found the diary has been charged with revealing the contents of the diary. Biden of course is getting a free pass from the FBI and the Justice Department — not surprising since both agencies now work for Biden.

Biden showered with daughter.
Then Senator Biden casts a creepy gaze at his young daughter Ashley in 1987 photo.

’showers w/ my dad’

‘I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad (probably not appropriate),’ she wrote in a January 2019 entry, reports the Daily Mail in an exclusive story.

A Justice Department investigation into the diary was reported last November by The New York Times, which confirmed that the diary is authentic.

The Times, of course, failed to mention that the diary chronicled the showering incident. And, another of course, the FBI is not investigating Biden for possible child abuse. Instead the G-men are laying the blame on the woman who found the diary. In other words, protecting the president.

Biden showered with daughter.
Ashley Biden, a troubled life.

Biden’s only child from his marriage to Jill Biden has a history of drug and sex addiction, much like Biden’s drug-addicted and sex-crazed son Hunter from his first marriage.

Now 41, the president’s daughter was in rehab in 2019 in a Palm Beach home for recovering addicts. She left her diary there — stuffed under the mattress — when she moved back to Philadelphia a year later.

Aimee Harris, 39, a single mother of two children, was in rehab in the same house a few weeks after Ashley and found the diary under the mattress.

Harris sold the explosive journal for $40,000 to the truth-seeker organization Project Veritas.

Biden has a history of pedo-touching & kissing


As shocking as it is, showering with his daughter fits into a pattern of behavior over a lifetime of creepy stuff: Kissing little kids, sniffing girls’ hair, a cringe-worthy history of pedo-touching.

Look how uncomfortable this little girl looks:


The story of Biden showering with his young daughter is so disgusing that I tried to purge my brain of the image.

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21 thoughts on “Biden showered with his young daughter

  1. I was a newspaper reporter for nearly 50 years and I find this tale of a diary pretty dodgy – so far. How is it there are no photo copies of the section with the alleged shower account(s) floating around for one?

  2. I see your point, but the shower story has been written up in several newspapers and broadcast on TV and has never been disputed by anyone close to Biden, or by the FBI, which as you know confirmed that the diary exists.
    Moreover, Biden’s Justice Department is investigating a report that the diary was stolen (by the woman who said she found it in the Florida rehab joint), raising the question: Why would the alleged theft of a diary be investigated by the FBI and the Justice Department if it didn’t contain contents detrimental to the President?

  3. Oof. Just saw this.
    But the daughter isn’t bringing allegations, is she? Why wouldn’t she?
    Also: it seems like far right sources/representatives are the ones pushing this story forward.
    Also: I had a friend in junior high who said her brother, father, and mother used to walk around naked sometimes. They just had a casual body acceptance going on. The girl reached puberty and bitched and complained and everyone started wearing clothes, amused at her annoyance. But being respectful of her feelings and not being fanatics about it, they complied.
    IF the shower story is true, it’s very possible, though odd to others, like a bunch of naked family members, there was nothing nefarious about it. This kind of thing is natural to Europeans, say, but “evil” to Puritans.
    And I think it would be pretty hard to bury something like this.
    And again: what about the daughter not making a stink?

  4. All good points, different strokes etc. No, the daughter didn’t make a big thing of it, just dealing with her drug and other issues, and he is her father, after all. My post summarized reports from several media, more right-wing than left, as you note.

  5. I did say right wing, not left, although I said “far” right. However….I do think I dropped in here too fast and wasn’t aware of my surroundings, lol. I mean, if you’re going to call Dems godless Neanderthals and not include the GOP in that description (people who would deny a raped 10-year-old an abortion)… I think I should back out gracefully and let things lie. No pun intended. 🙂 Take care.

  6. And a graceful exit it is, thank you, I do appreciate a civilized approach, or in this case, departure.

  7. Joe Biden is from a pre- me too era where some were huggers and kissers while thinking nothing sexual about it. Never any charges or allegations brought by women. Compare that to the multitude of women going on record and signing affidavits regarding Trump’s actions, his own bragging on the Access Hollywood tape whereas he brags of his sexual assaults on women, or the then underage Epstein trafficked teen who was forced to have sex with The Donald including his request she wear a long blonde wig to look like his daughter Ivanka so he could fantasize about her, the myriad of pictures of him groping her when she was young, etc. “If she weren’t my daughter perhaps I’d be dating her” creepy remarks, or the “Grab them by their pussy” and “moved on them like a bitch” (because I’m rich) remarks. Trump had 17 outstanding cases against him, some vicitims silenced by threats or millions paid with hush money (like Stormy Daniels) with them signing NDA’s. Trying to indict Joe for his son Hunter’s drug-fueled activities would be comparable to trying to blame innocent parents who are sadly are unfortunate to have an addict in their family for his/her actions-which is exactly what’s going on here.

  8. The Biden matter goes deeper than that. It’s well documented that he was the ‘Big Guy’ who was in on the take to get 10 percent of his son’s illegal business deals with China. On the other issue, sexist comments and screwing sluts is hardly akin to showering with your little daughter, who admitted that was part of the reason she became sexually messed up.

  9. While y’all are judging everyone. We took showers with our 3 sons up to a certain point. The point when it became uncomfortable. Many of our friends with sons and daughters have taken showers with their young children with no nefarious thoughts as well. I believe Oprah did a whole segment on this years ago. Some thought it horrible and others didn’t see any harm. Depends on how you grew up and what is in your own mind, I guess. For the record, never had a single thought about any of my 3 sons then or now that would be considered sexual. But then I’m not messed up on drink or drugs either. Maybe Ashley is looking to lay the blame for her weakness’ on the strongest person she knows. Wouldn’t be the first time.

  10. Showering with your daughter is wrong; no reason to excuse it. If you did it, you are wrong too and probably learned it from your sick parents. All research and evidence shows that showering with your kids is child abuse and causes children long lasting sexual issues. Why would you want to do it????

  11. I’m sure you were similarly concerned when Donald Trump was grabbing his own daughter’s rear end onstage and telling people he would date her. “Just grab ’em by the pussy! They love it!”

  12. I don’t condone Trump’s peccadillos but they are irrelevant to this story. This post is about Biden and young children. Period. It was not about comparing the sexual habits or comments of past presidents, which would include just about every president ever elected, including FDR and JFK, and most notoriously, Bill Clinton.

  13. Sad for the daughter in any regard, abuse without any doubt. Being her father he was well aware of her drug use, sex addiction, and mental state of condition. So what does a sick pedophile but take advantage of the adolescent child, who trusted him as her father.
    Pedo Joe Biden should be institutionalized, and not as an illegitimate POTUS.

  14. I just found out about this revelation and wow the excuses being made for joe biden are simply amazing.

    Here’s one: Why isn’t she (Ashley Biden) not complaining or bringing allegations? (WTF thousands of daughters have been molest by dad and REFUSE to bring allegations because in the end they love daddy)
    OR: I had friends in school who’s family walked around naked (RIIIGHT) and it was natural to them. (Except Ashley Biden said in her diary [probably not appropriate] when referring to showering with her DAD!]

    OR: We took showers with our sons (yes so did we but not at the AGE OF TWELVE, and out children don’t admit to becoming OVERSEXUALIZED like Ashley Biden has admitted)

    WTF: All of you making excuses for Joe Biden KNOW YOU WOULD BE ATTACKING TRUMP if this had occurred between him and his daughter YOU KNOW YOU WOULD!

  15. Absolutely! They would be crucifying Trump. But Biden continues to get away with it mainly because the ‘mainstream media’, aka the State-run media (as in Russia and China) tries to hide the truth from the public, an egregious gap that the ‘alternative media’ attempts to fill, but, alas, with limited results. Biden is a disgusting old man who ‘has a thing’ for young girls. And he was elected by LIBERALS to be President of the Communist States of America.

  16. Americans have a strange outlook on the human body. Every single person has one and to be so afraid of nudity and exposing their body bestowed on to them by our holy creator has always puzzled me. My own sons ran naked and free splashing in the cold sea under the warm sun until they had to enter public school. That is when they acted ashamed of their own bodies and they chose to cover themselves on the few magically warm days in Alaska. The human body should never be considered shameful and clothes are often binding and uncomfortable.