Biden declares war on MAGA

He DOESN’T WANT to make America great again!

The president who called for unity divides half the country with an angry, spiteful rant.

“Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens our republic,” Biden yelled in a prime time TV speech as shouts of Let’s Go Brandon and Fuck Joe Biden were chanted repeatedly in the background.

Biden rants against MAGA

A bellicose rant by a feeble old man that was ignored by all major TV networks and carried by just two cable channels would not normally amount to a hill of beans. 

But this was clearly, more like incoherently a declaration of war against the 80-million strong MAGA movement.

“The Republican Party is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans,” Biden hollered. “And that is a threat to this country.”


Trump responded to the speech by saying that Biden “must be insane, or suffering from late-stage dementia.”

“Someone should explain to Joe Biden that MAGA means MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! If he doesn’t want to Make America Great Again, then he should not be representing the United States of America!”

At one point Biden actually said: “I give you my word as a Biden…” Hahahahahha, that statement from a pathological liar is so ludicrous that howls of MAGA-size laughter could be heard across the land.


Notice that the mainstream media back then sought out the truth, not echo Dem lies as they do today.


Biden’s hatred of Trump is already causing violence in the nation. Last week he called Republicans fascists, and three days later leftist thugs vandalized a GOP office in Seminole County, Florida, spray-painting ‘Eat shit fascists’ on the window.

Biden talks about democracy, said a Republican spokesman, “but what he really wants is ‘a one-party dictatorial regime.’

Trump’s MAGA patriots have gone on record as saying they are prepared to ‘fight to the death’ to preserve conservative American values and the U.S. Constitution.

Trump supporters MAGA

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2 thoughts on “Biden declares war on MAGA

  1. Joe and Jill went up to Capital hill to fetch some bags full of money the taxpayer paid and broke their back to get little Hunter his crack his CCCP and Barrisma deals while the FBI turned their back on the lie of the pie in the sky election 2000 mules No voter ID to set all the illegals free they stay in hotels and grow welfare rolls and the kids in city never will get by. The dumb college kids with worthless degrees in Hand, Congress And Senate build the Deep State in the sand to take all our Freedoms Away!