Talking to yourself

You talkin’ to me?

 People who live alone talk to themselves.

If they were garrulous when they didn’t live alone and had other people to talk to, they now talk to themselves too much.

Their selves have to tell them to shut up, and when they keep talking to themselves, as they will, their selves tell them to Shut the hell up, you’re driving me crazy.

If the person who lives alone has a dog or a cat, the dog or cat will probably agree with the self and bark or meow that the person who lives alone is driving them crazy too.

If the person who lives alone continues to talk to him or herself, as they still will, their selves get totally fed up and yell at them to Shut the fuck up or I’ll leave you!

This gives the person who lives alone pause. What do you mean, you’ll leave me? You are me. How can you leave me?

You’ll notice that the person who lives alone is still talking to him or herself. Their dog or their cat have repaired to a saner room. They smell trouble.

I’ll tell you how, the fed-up self says to the person who lives alone who has driven him or herself crazy by talking all the time.

The next door neighbor called the police to complain about the “maniac next door” yelling and screaming at all hours of the day and night so many times that the police had to tell him there was nothing they could do about it and to stop calling them.

He called them one more time to report the sound of a gunshot.

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