Cops plead with suspect not to go for his gun

“I’m begging you not to make that choice — C’mon, man, please don’t.”

Florida deputies pleaded with a suspect at gunpoint to put his hands up. The guy refused. They shot him dead.

Dylan Scott, 27, had a rap sheet that included burglary, drug possession and crimes against cops, including resisting an officer with violence and battery on an officer. He told his mother he wanted to die by suicide by cop.

He was wanted on warrants for grand theft and resisting arrest. He told the deputies who stopped his pickup that he had a gun in his waistband.

“C’mon, man. It’s not worth it,” Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Deputy Timothy Miskell said as he pointed his service revolver at the suspect.

“The warrants you have, you’ll get a bond. But if you make a bad decision right now, it could cost your life.” 


“You’ll be out of jail tomorrow, man,” another deputy told Scott, “just show us your hands.”

As other officers ran up, Miskell pleaded with the guy for four minutes to put his hands up.

“I do not want to shoot you, but if you don’t show me your hands, that’s what’s gonna happen,” the deputy warned. “Please don’t make me do this. You are gonna die right there in that passenger seat if you don’t show me your hands.”

The suspect appeared to lunge for a gun. The deputies fired. Like the cop warned, the guy died right there in the passenger seat.

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2 thoughts on “Cops plead with suspect not to go for his gun

  1. Dylan did not lunge for amything when the first bullet hit him thats when he moved but people dont thimk about how fast a bullet really travels the bullet hit dylan before you even here the sound of the first gun shit going off. And the only cop that had line of dire is tim miskel the other deputys could not see him and not only that but they are also the ones who shot first not tim