The Ballad of Billy Boy

Billy Boy was a composer of the classical variety

Who grew increasingly weary of New York society

He decided to drive down to the Deep South

Land of the tiger spider and cottonmouth

Billy Boy had always loved the ladies

Driving them around in his Mercedes

He had planned to put the Macon Georgia

A southern version of Lucrezia Borgia

But he changed his mind in Chapel Hill

And made a beeline for Fayetteville

He decided to visit Renata

For whom he had written a sonata

Renata de Dios he loved the name

That name and sonata would bring him fame

But Fate intervened with a grisly plan

A jerk at the wheel of a cargo van

Suddenly veered across the center line

And then and there it was Billy Boy’s time

When Renata heard the terrible news

She wrote this ballad the Billy Boy Blues

But she knew in her soul and in her heart

They would not forever be apart

Billy Boy went from Highway 87

In his last heartbeat all the way to Heaven.