Driving without poetic license


He was a sensitive young poet man

Got pulled over to the side of the ode

For something really fucking stupid man

Like being drunk on one helluva line

The result of ten shots of eighty-proof

inspiration and they took his license

And during the days and weeks that followed

He drove without a license and guess what

He did something fucking dumb again man

Like collide with a police car while high

on Tequila and another great line

Cops hate it when their cruiser’s totaled man

And this time the judge threw the book at him

Something truly fucking soul destroying

Like a goddamn Danielle Steele bestseller

That really hurt our fine young poet man

And now he’s one with the prose and the cons

Writing garbage on the walls of his cell

Like Psycho Mikey grabbed a box cutter

And slash slash slash slash slash slash blood and flesh

All over the place! Man that kind of shit

Can desensitize a fine poet man.

Drawing by Franz Kafka

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