War on the world stage

You CANNOT win a nuclear war!


We are a primitive species stuck by gravity to a speck of dust in a complex and infinite Multiverse.

Cosmically speaking, we are minuscule to the point of non-existence. Our cosmic life span is immeasurably less than the blink of an eye.

Yet there are so-called world ‘leaders’ who brandish nuclear weapons capable of scattering every one of us into a vast black oblivion.

DOOM DOGS. Xi Jinping waits slyly in the wings while Putin unleashes war and bumbling Biden doesn’t know what the hell to do.

These power-mad greedy bastards are obsessed with seizing smaller countries to augment their already huge land masses at the risk of annihilating humanity.

What assholes.

And there’s nothing we can do about it. The leader of world power No. 1, Xi Jinping is president for life. The leader of world power No. 2, Vladimir Putin might as well be since anyone who attempts to run against him ends up dead.

As for world power No. 3, America is currently leaderless.

Biden has been declared mentally unfit to handle looming World War III.

From the first blast to THE LAST GASP

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The 1984 documentary ‘Threads’ written by Barry Hines and directed by Mick Jackson is just as true today.

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2 thoughts on “You CANNOT win a nuclear war!

  1. Current crop of national leaders is the worst the world has ever assembled…. It is though actors for a movie of the apocalypse has been cast and the script is written… they are all federally fyked…

  2. The tyrannical political system that forces us to live under the heel and at the mercy of warmongering morons should be overthrown in favor of a self-governing anarchy whereby we all look out for ourselves (like America’s Old West) — this would require a global revolution, which if executed under a country-by-country agreement might just work.