Woman dragged from car

Liberal sanctioned crime in America

Woman dragged from her car in shocking robbery.

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Woman dragged from car

The Oakland armed robbery is just another example of what is happening every day in liberal run cities across America. Even if the thugs are caught, soft-on-crime prosecutors and judges let the criminals go free to commit more violence against innocent people.

Officials elected to be crime fighters turn out to be crime lovers who give more rights to the criminals than the victims. In Oakland, the thug lover is District Attorney Pamela Price, who was elected with the financial backing of ultraliberal psycho George Soros.

Violent robberies, carjackings and home invasions in Oakland are at their highest levels in 30 years. Home invasions have gotten so bad that cops are telling residents to reinforce their doors with iron bars and install security cameras. Armed thieves are even ransacking houses when the owners are home.

Woman dragged from car

All of them. No one is safe.


6 thoughts on “Liberal sanctioned crime in America

  1. The Democrat voters are to blame — they abetted crime by voting these unAmerican liberals into office, and still they feel no shame.