Wear masks pleads victim

Covid sufferer gets death threats

Admits he was wrong about masks and begs anti-maskers to change their minds

A Covid-stricken man said he has received death threats for going public in a gasping video that he was wrong not to wear a mask.

“I didn’t wear a mask. I should have,” Chuck Stacey said from his hospital bed. “I believed this was just the flu, that it would go away, that it was political. I didn’t think a mask would help.”

“I just thank God that I haven’t given this to someone and taken a life. I would not be able to handle that.”

Stacey said he has been getting death threats over the phone for going public about his Covid confession.

“I was wrong, but to wish me death? We’re supposed to love one another, pray for one another,” he said.

Last May, the Florida resident criticized the law that requires the employees at the local donut shop he frequented to wear masks.

“I have had it with the masks that the employees are being forced to wear,” he posted on social media at the time.“It’s just another example of over reaction.”

Wear masks pleads victim

Seven months later with oxygen tubes in his nose, he gasped, “I was wrong.”

The pandemic kills one in every 1,000 Americans, with the death toll soaring to 354,000 across the country and 1.8 million around the world.

“If wearing a mask can reduce your chances of getting this even by five percent, wear a mask,” Stacey said. “Do it for your children, your loved ones. Do it for yourself. You don’t want to end up like me.”

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