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‘We the People’ is bullshit

Well, somebody’s in a bad mood tonight.

What kind of society is this! Individuals have no rights. Politicians talk about democracy when they run for office but when they’re elected they take away all our freedoms. Freedom of medical choice, freedom of speech, freedom to even think for ourselves. They control our bodies and our minds.

Who are these people? Apparently we elected them. But once in office they become liars and hypocrites and unrecognizable egomaniacs who develop a psychotic mania to control our every action and every word and by means of the all powerful internet our every thought.

‘We the People’ has become a hollow and meaningless phrase, The Founding Fathers have been succeeded by Floundering Mthrfckrs. We the People have no rights, no say, no lives of our own. We are under the thumb of The Establishment, an all powerful conglomerate consisting of autocratic governments, mind-controlling internet monoliths and pharmaceutical profiteers.

Elections come and go and we kick some of the slime out of office and install alternatives in the hope of saving our freedom, our dignity. our sanity, our very lives, but nothing changes.

It’s all a diabolical lie.

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‘We the People’ is a lIe

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9 thoughts on “‘We the People’ is bullshit

  1. You know it and I know it – and have known it for many years. But I’m not sure to what extent the majority of the population even knows what democracy means and how it has to be lived.
    With the bursting of the economic bubble, some other terms such as freedom, uncensored news and books, self-determination….and democracy will also get their scratches.

  2. The best way to understand what if going on in the world today is to study Bible prophecy. The Bible predicts that things will continue to get worse until a leader empowered by Satan takes control of the world and demands that everybody worship him. He will require everyone to take a mark on the right hand or forehead in order to be allowed to buy or sell. His rule will end when Jesus Christ returns to establish his kingdom on the earth. For more information about this I recommend this site: https://www.raptureready.com/

  3. Quite right, Zettl, much of the populace is either hoodwinked or brainwashed and go along with the status quo. America needs a real leader, a revolutionary (but don’t hold your breath).

  4. Brainwashed seems to be the main problem to me. How could it be otherwise if someone watches TV daily and voluntarily watches commercials? What does that do to someone?

    And: The profits of the credit card companies listed on Wall Street alone – after deduction of all costs, including fat bonuses to CEOs & Co. – is higher than the entire education budget of the USA. What does that tell us?

  5. It tells us, Zettl — as Ned Beatty’s character Mr Jensen said in a powerful monologue in the movie ‘Network’ — that the world is a business, there is no democracy, and the rich will keep getting richer and the poorly educated average citizens will be forever screwed.

  6. If education does not allow the construction of free individuals based on their maximum capacities but to level by the lowest to the mediocre, you build fearful, cowardly individuals unemployed, fit for the dictatorship, and if you only vote for words and not deeds that benefit the community is not a democracy.

  7. Right. And it will never change. Mediocrity and hypocritical lies. That’s the way the game is played. The only way to say sane is to regard it as just that — a stupid pointless meaningless hopeless game. Bottom line: Fukit.