‘Wave-being’ theory rebuked

M. Guy de Michêl

c/o American Daze/Purple Haze

New York, NY 10001.

Re your recent post Secrets After Death I must take exception to Professor Wilhelm Michelob’s arrogant and blasphemous “theory” that departed souls travel through the universe on a so-called “as-yet unknown state of wave-being.”  I mean, really, what a load of — how shall I put it? — cacca di cavallo.

It is “as-yet unknown” as he puts it, because there’s no such thing. There is only one power that controls and rules over the universe and that is the Creator Himself, Almighty God.

And I must admonish you, sir, for irresponsibly publishing a story that had no verification other than the professor’s own demented view.

Fr. Guglielmo Di Più 

Diocesi dei Secoli Oscuri

Perugia, Italy.