Washington DC war zone.

Democracy dies behind razor wire


The Capitol district in Washington DC, once the citadel of freedom and democracy, is still a war zone.

Eight weeks after the siege on the Capitol, citizens of the Land of the Free are still barred entry by troops with M16s, guarding an inept government behind barricades and fences topped with razor wire.

There are 5,000 National Guardsmen around the Capitol, more than the number of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan.

And outside the Capitol fortress, elderly and ill homeless people live in tents, totally ignored by the ruling Democratic Party, a gang of political hacks who grossly debase the very word Democracy.

Washington DC war zone.
Homeless people live in misery outside the White House.

The only reason the self-serving Dems are in power is because American voters put their hatred for Trump ahead of their love for their country — an act many are already regretting.

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Too late for regrets. Four years in the Land of the Unfree and the Home of the Cowardly. Two more years if the Democrats lose control of the House and the Senate in the 2022 midterm elections. The Republicans need to win just one seat to get back their majority in the Senate, and five seats to win a majority in the House of Representatives.

Biden and his overwhelmingly unpopular vice president would then hit double roadblocks in their ruination of America.

Meanwhile, democracy is dying a slow death behind razor wire fences.


The 5,000 troops guarding the Capitol were put on high alert Tuesday ahead of March 4, when followers of the conspiratorial QAnon believe Trump will become president again.

Washington DC war zone.
Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol building January 6.

The alert was ordered even though there didn’t appear to be any direct public threats to the Capitol, which was stormed by Trump supporters on January 6 to protest his fraudulent election defeat. The unprecedented violence led to five deaths.

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