America is in trouble!

Vote to save America

In less than two years this once great nation has been transformed into a third-world country.

Lawlessness is an epidemic that is allowed to go unchecked. Murderers and thugs are set free without bail to kill again and destroy innocent lives.

America was energy independent two years ago, and now its feeble and foolish president begs for oil from our mortal enemies that go around screaming Death to America! 

Truckers who transport the food that we buy in grocery stores cannot get or afford the diesel fuel they need to run their rigs.

The supply chain has been broken. Products are disappearing from the shelves. The food and goods that are available are becoming ever more expensive. People cannot afford to feed their familes. Thanksgiving this year will cost the average family three times as much as last year.

If the situation doesn’t improve, America will face nationwide famine.

Globally, America is considerably diminished. Two years ago the U.S. Military was the most powerful in the world. Now it has been weakened to the point that it will become easy prey for our nuclear-powered enemies.

The so-called Commander in Chief is a laughing-stock and an embarrassment around the world.

The ills that beset America go on and on and are too many to summarize here.

But one thing is for certain — if they aren’t addressed and corrected now, it will be too late to save the country from total and utter collapse.

It is heartbreaking to see what this government has done to a once great and proud nation.

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