Tulsi Gabbard nails Hillary

You cross Hillary, you die!


Tulsi Gabbard is the new power woman in American politics and she’s pulling no punches.

The 41-year-old Army guard who served in Iraq is fearless and she’s taking on the most corrupt names in the Washington Swamp.

The former Hawaiian congresswoman made headlines this week when she announced she was leaving the elitist warmongering Democrat Party in disgust.

And this week she nailed the most evil Democrat in American politics — Hillary Clinton.

“If you go against Hillary Clinton you’re dead,” she said.

A true indictment from the new hero of Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Gabbard was referring to the notorious “body count” that has followed Hillary and Bill Clinton throughout their criminal and lying political life.

Scores of associates and underlings and even bodyguards who dared try to expose them as the most ruthless political operators have ended up dead.

The Clinton Body Count is a list of associates who died “under mysterious circumstance” — violently or by so called “suicide.” The reporter who exposed the list also died.

The most famous name on the list is Vince Foster, known as The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Tulsi Gabbard nails Hillary

Vince Foster was the Clintons’ personal lawyer and the Deputy White House Council when Bill Clinton was president in the 1990s.

Foster shielded the Clintons and made sure their secret crooked dealings would not become public. But something went terribly wrong during the notorious Whitewater real estate investigation and Foster ended up dead.

And that’s what Tulsi Gabbard was referring to when she made that statement on the Joe Rogan show.

Politically, Gabbard is currently an Independent but the Republican Party would love to have her on board.

Gabbard has become such a hot prospect she is running third behind Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to become the President of the United States in 2024.

And rightly so. Tulsi Gabbard is the most honest and fearless candidate in American politics today. 

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8 thoughts on “You cross Hillary, you die!

  1. She should join the Republican party and be done with it. She is right about the Clintons and their trail of bodies, yet the msm has not and will never cover this. That is the reason they can get away with it. Teflon Bill and Hillary; nothing sticks to them. Gabbard is a warrior, so Hillary should beware before she takes on this woman. My wife calls her “Wonder Woman” because she resembles the star of the movies. We need more like her.

  2. Wonder Woman! Yes, I like that — that she is! She seems almost too righteous to be in the cesspool of politics, but bless her brave heart!

  3. Let’s see. HRC killed family friend Vince Foster because…? And hundreds of others because, why exactly? Let’s break this down. A brilliant lawyer who got her start working in the South enforcing anti- segregation laws in schools…uh oh, I smell murder.
    First Lady, senator from New York, Secretary of State….traveling the world in her 60s, doing America’s business and killing in her spare time. Makes sense.
    Benghazi…33 investigations—exonerated. But somehow these 33 investigations that ostensibly could’ve led anywhere and everywhere and yet the FBI, CIA and Congress couldn’t get the Clintons on murderous rampages? Interesting. And inbetween all the bloody carnage, she raised a daughter who graduated from Stanford. Man, talk about a mastermind. She really is the smartest person in the room.
    In the real world, Vince Foster had a documented history of depression. He attempted suicide before and hated the cynicism of DC but…hey never let the facts get in the way of your meth infused alternate reality.
    Tulsi Gabbard, Ms. “I don’t believe in NATO but Putin is a doll,” was raised in a cult. No wonder you think she’s divine. A Hawaiian group of inbreeds who ranted and raved about the LGBTQ community and forced members to eat the leader’s toenails. You know how to pick em, folks.
    Enjoy the mid-terms, and the long overdue indictments that will follow. DOJ, states of New York, Georgia. You are about to be reminded that you are the minority. And we don’t appreciate your endless bs, concocted fairy tales ( how’s JFK Jr. doing) election fraud lies and worship of Russian assets. Go read the Mueller report and try to get a clue.
    Hopefully HRC is still up to her murderous ways. There’s a whole bunch of traitors to this country that need to go bye bye.

  4. The rap sheet of malfeasance against Hillary Clinton is too long to go into here, but just one example of rank hypocrisy and moral cowardice is her defense of Slick Willie during his reign of sexual assaults including alleged rape, while all the time she claimed to be a champion for women’s rights and urged sexually abused women to ‘come forward and speak out.’ And don’t tell me that Trump’s peccadilloes and ‘pussy grabbing’ comments were worse than Bill’s assaults. Anyway, the case against Hillary Clinton became clearly evident in the presidential election — Americans must really hate her guts if she was beaten by a man who was arguably even more hated.

  5. Maybe you could get these carnival barker illusionist Hollywood Babylon jesters, Anti christ Pharisee money changers straightened out!! And, then Telcy Gabbard is outed. What she’s worthy of her own third party? Join the populist Republic preserving Republican Party of Lincoln or shut up and sit your nativist Islander ass down. We know you are a Globalust Female Che’ Griveva AOC esk mouthpiece for the dark money. Thanks for your military service where you learned, like lIbama how to dismantle the Constitutional Order.