Trump’s Plan B Will ‘Kick Ass’

The Revolution — Coming soon

In the wake of his bitter defeat, President Trump will form his own alternative political party — the Trump Revolution Party.

The Trump-led TRP — backed by the 72 million people who voted for him, many of them armed and angry — will take on the reigning Democrat Party and his own Republican Party in the 2024 Election.

Trump is said to be spoiling for a fight between the ‘Swamp-rat’ Democrats and his own Republican Party which he often accused of being rife with disloyal members known as Republicans in name only (RINOs).


The new Party will be headquartered in the Trump International Hotel at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, which is less than a mile from the White House.

The TRP game plan is simple. “We plan to kick ass,” said a White House source Kurt Ketchup.

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