Pit bull Trump fighting for a nation in trouble



A column by Miranda Devine in the New York Post NEW YORK POSTbrilliantly sums up the first debate between President Trump and Democrat contender Joe Biden, and zeroes in on the best way — and the best person — to tackle the grave problems facing America.


Americans voted for Trump in 2016 because he is a pit bull, a barbarian, a gun-slinger they hired to fight the dirty left, drain the swamp, bring back their jobs from China and stand up for the flag, family and common sense.

We should not be surprised by the rancor of the debate.

It reflects the rancor tearing apart this country, pitting neighbor against neighbor, children against parents, friend against friend.

It’s not the fault of the president or Biden or moderator Chris Wallace that Tuesday’s debate was an acrimonious shambles.

It’s the way the country is right now.

If Democrats are so certain their man won, why are they so anxious for him not to participate in more debates, and why do they want a kill switch to control the ­debaters?


As for all the sad sacks in the ­media lamenting Trump’s trampling of “norms,” what have they been doing the past four years but trashing norms by promoting rancid lies about the president, lies pursued by the FBI and CIA to strangle his presidency at birth.

In any case, the Democratic candidate supposedly running a “decorum” ticket let loose a string of Tourette’s-style schoolyard insults, calling the president a “liar,” “fool,” “clown,” “racist” and “stupid.”

“Shut up, man,” said Biden.

Trump’s goading succeeded in ripping off Biden’s “nice guy” mask and forcing him to fight in the ­gutter.


Sure, the debate was a chaotic mess. But the emotional takeaway was this: In a turbulent world with circling predators like Chinese President Xi Jinping, who do you want defending America? An aggressive pit bull who will do anything to win, or a smirking milquetoast hurling schoolyard insults.

This view probably is behind the fact that 66 percent of Spanish-speaking viewers of Telemundo judged Trump the winner of the debate, the opposite result of similar insta-polls on CNN and CBS News.

After all, if you’ve lived through a socialist dictatorship or MS-13 tyranny, you appreciate a tough leader to protect you.


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