TRUMP becomes folk hero

America loves an outlaw!

‘Try to destroy him and he emerges stronger.’

Trump becomes folk hero

The now world famous mugshot of Donald Trump being booked in one of the most notorious jails in America ‘has turned a billionaire former president into a folk hero, a renegade, an outlaw.

‘And America loves an outlaw,’ writes Maureen Callahan in the Daily Mail.

Just hours after Trump’s arrest, his scowling, threatening mugshot was emblazoned on merchandise from coffee mugs to T-shirts and racking up millions of dollars in sales.

The left-wing liberal socialist Democrats will never admit it, but their hatred of Trump and their thirst for his blood have handed him the greatest gift of any guy running for re-election.

The former president was already way ahead of all the other Republican candidates — and running ahead of falling-down Biden — but now he is assured of the GOP nomination for a second term.

‘Dressed in red, white and blue,’ writes Maureen Callahan, ‘Trump confronts the camera dead-on, chin lowered yet bearing unbowed, his face an expression of pure rage.

‘It’s perfect. It conveys everything Trump clearly wants: He is a patriot, a political martyr. He won’t stand for this and neither should America. This is a travesty that Trump will avenge.

‘Try to destroy him and he only emerges stronger.

‘Those who rejoice in Trump’s arraignment should rue this mugshot. It elevates Trump beyond politics to the realm of pure pop culture.’

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