Trump back in court

Back in the Rotten Apple


Trump was back in Manhattan Thursday, this time to go up against (as he calls her) ‘Trump-hating lowlife’ New York attorney general Letitia James in a $250-million business fraud lawsuit. The Democrat AG dredged the case up from seven years ago.

The latest court battle comes just a week after Trump was arraigned in a Manhattan court on 34 criminal charges in a separate case filed by another Trump hater, Democrat District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

Trump is expected to plead the Fifth’ — refuse to answer questions to avoid potentially incriminating himself. In court appearances last summer the 45th Prez reportedly invoked the Fifth more than 400 times.

UPDATE: Trump was questioned for seven hours by AG lawyers about his various business enterprises and ‘cooperated fully,’ the Don’s attorneys said. 

Dude! You is facing more charges than ‘Dapper Don’ John Gotti.

And he’s as mad as hell —

Battle of The Donald (to the tune of Battle of New Orleans):

🎵 They filed their suits and the charges kept a-comin’

There’s even more now as there was a while ago

They filed one more and Trump kept a-flyin’

From down in Mar-a-Lago to the Court of Peekaboo. 🎶

Why does Trump call Letitia James ‘Peekaboo?’ Answer here.

Trump back in court

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