Trashing Sound of Freedom is sick.


Trashing Sound of Freedom is unconscionably shameful and further imperils the children.

Discrediting a movie about the evils of child trafficking because it stars controversial right-wing actor Jim Caviezel is evil itself.

The movie is not about the actor, it’s about the sexual assault, abuse, forced labor and the killing of children. 

More than two-thirds of all human trafficking victims — four million worldwide — are children.

The left-wing’s campaign to disparage The Sound of Freedom because of hatred for Christian activist Caviezel, who played Jesus Christ in the Mel Gibson movie The Passion of the Christ, shows that the leftist ‘woke’ mob not only detest conservatives but also despise Christians.

Clearly, the time for a Righteous Revolution is at hand.

Jim Caviezel

The movie, which also stars Mira Sorvino and Bill Camp, is based on an organization called Operation Underground Railroad run by American anti-human trafficking activist Tim Ballard.

Ballard and his operatives have saved thousands of young victims since the organization was formed 10 years ago.

In the movie, directed by Alejandro Monteverde and written by Rod Barr and Monteverde, Caviezel’s character is on a mission to rescue children from sex traffickers in Colombia.

Bucking headwinds from the current woke society, the distributor Angel Studios used equity crowdfunding to raise the funds to market the film. Mel Gibson publicly endorsed the movie. 

As it turns out, efforts to downgrade the film are backfiring. Since its release July 4, the movie has made $54 million at the box office on a budget of $14.5 million. That burns the Left’s collective ass.

Thanks to Conny Lundberg’s Life, Death and All Between for her post on this subject.


Liberals block a law that would make child trafficking a ‘serious felony.’

These people are truly sick. If it was their children, it would be a different story!


While The Sound of Freedom plays on the big screen, another movie about child trafficking can be seen on the small screen.

Paradise Highway was released in theaters a year ago and is now doing the rounds on TV.

Trucker saves trafficking victim

Set in the trucking industry and starring French actress Juliette Binoche and the 85-year old Morgan Freeman, the movie was written and directed by Norwegian filmmaker Anna Gutto.

Truck driver Binoche is forced against her will to smuggle a homeless girl across state lines, with G-man Freeman on her trail in an effort to bust the human-trafficking ring. He does not succeed but Binoche defies the traffickers and saves the girl.

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4 thoughts on “Monstrous

  1. The wife and I saw the movie on opening day. Shocking and sickening, but hopeful that the US can do something about this. Our leftist president and his ilk look the other way. Why we ask? Good read mich, and glad you gave this some air time.

  2. Biden’s lying cowardly media trying to hide the truth amounts to condoning the evil, all of which increased when Biden opened the southern border to the lowest forms of life on the planet.