Toddler Abandoned

Sad story of abandoned child and his dog

Toddler Abandoned

This little boy and his dog were abandoned in a cemetery in Ohio two days before Christmas.

A witness told the Hinkley Ohio police she saw a blue car speeding out of the cemetery with the child frantically chasing after it.

Officers went to Hope Memorial Gardens Cemetery and found the little boy cold and crying and clinging to his dog.

The three-year-old had been living with his mother when he was abandoned. He was taken into protective custody by Medina County Children Services. He told authorities he only knows his first name, Tony, and that his mother’s name is Katy and his father is David.

Hinckley Police Chief David Centner said Tony’s father has been “very cooperative.”

No criminal charges have been filed as detectives and case workers continue their investigation.

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6 thoughts on “Sad story of abandoned child and his dog

  1. Praying this child goes into loving arms of a family who will love care provide for him. Cruel and abusive to dump this baby in a cemetery, yet I praise God for the woman looking out her window, her saw the child and got help! Angels among us!