The King of Cody Wyoming


If I were younger I’d move to Cody, Wyoming. I’d wear a cowboy hat, a fringed buckskin jacket, get a horse and carry a six gun. Wyoming has the most permissive gun laws in America — no permit required, no registration, open-carry no problem.

The city of Cody was named after Wild West legend William ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody.*


I’d be neighbors with Kanye West. The Christian rapper and business tycoon owns a 4,500-acre ranch seven miles outside Cody.

He paid $7.7 million for the spread, a mere bag of shells for a man whose got $6 billion. He bought it in the name of his limited liability company, Psalm LLC, which is a very cool name for a company. I’d buy shares in a company with a name like that.

Justin Bieber’s tour buses on Kanye West’s ranch in 2020.


The 43-year-old musician won a 2021 Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album for his most recent recording, ‘Jesus Is King.’

The born-again Christian changed the rap music scene with his 2004 hit, ‘Jesus Walks,’ his third Top 20 single in a row and the Grammy winner for Best Rap Song.

“They say you can rap about anything except Jesus,” he lyricized. “That means guns, sex, lies, videotape / But if I talk about God my record won’t get played.”


He proved the critics wrong with ‘Jesus is King.’

I know God is alive, yeah

He has opened up my vision giving me a revelation

This ain’t ’bout a damn religion

Jesus brought a revolution

Kanye is getting divorced from Kim Kardashian, 40 — or rather, she’s divorcing him. She said his crazy run for President of the U.S.A. in 2020 was “the final straw.” She said she had to end the seven-year marriage for the sake of their children and her own sanity.


The couple have four children: two sons, Saint, 5, and Psalm, almost 2; and two daughters, North, 7, and Chicago, 3.

While Kanye was talking about running for president “and saying other crazy shit,” an insider said, Kim was focusing on studying for a bar exam to become a lawyer and fire up her prison reform program.

Good luck to her. And Kanye’s cool. And this is Cody, Wyoming:


WilliamBuffalo Bill’ Cody (1846 – 1917), American soldier, born in Iowa Territory, lived for several years in his father’s hometown in current-day Mississauga, Ontario [I didn’t know that, Wayne, did you?] At age 15, he became a rider for the Pony Express. He served on the Union side in the U.S. Civil War and later was a U.S. Army civilian scout during the Indian Wars. He was awarded the Medal of Honor in 1872. His Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show toured throughout the U.S. and in Britain and Europe.

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