The Continuing Adventures of the Hitchhiker on the Road to God

Photo: Guillermo de Manuel


The hitchhiker got up from the highway

And watched the Chevy pickup speed away

Clutching the cross which she thought was a knife

He kept on walking in search of his wife


She was taken from him in December

Right at Christmas he’ll always remember

He was told by Christians she was with God

But to him that was like the Land of Nod


Yet he kept walking the road of the dead

When he saw the pickup stopped up ahead

He approached it with caution and dismay

It was the woman who had sped away


She said from over the passenger side

‘I’m sorry friend that my heart and mind lied

I see now that you are a soul in need

And it’s always been my God-given creed


To do what I can for one’s salvation

So forgive me for my hesitation

Get in the truck and let’s go find your wife

May this be the first day of a new life.’

  ➡️ PART ONE  of the Hitchhiker on the Road to God.