Hope is hard to find on the road to nowhere

American Apocalypse

The body politic is diseased, its stench rises like foul air from a sewer. The disease is riddled with corruption and lies and it is repulsive. People react with fear, hate and violence, which like covid, is contagious and spreads across America.

The cities become unlivable, people flee to the suburbs, hatred and violence in hot pursuit. Citizens are hounded and terrorized, their homes invaded. They call 911 but no help arrives, the police have been eradicated and America is over medicated.

Opioids, booze and angel dust, help us Jesus, in God we trust. Angels love and the devil hates, take your pick, choose your poison, poison your opponents, it’s an art form in Russia.

What can we do? asks the common man and Susie Q. Will my vote make a difference, will a different party of the same old corruption make a difference, or is the party over?

Lunatics throw slogans around like firebombs — Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, but in the end nothing matters as they topple statues and topple the presidency and you abandon your residency.

You head for the woods and live in a cabin and arm yourself with automatic rifles and when you run out of ammunition you hit the road with nothing to lose.

Everyone you ever loved is dead so what the hell, you live free or die on the road to nowhere.

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12 thoughts on “Hope is hard to find on the road to nowhere

  1. I wish I could highlight some of your sentences. The police is eradicated and America is over-medicated to name one.
    Sometimes I wake at night wondering where we are headed.

  2. Ah, Pene, I do love hearing from you, you are a good soul lifting up the lonely. Where are we headed? God only knows, and I mean that literally.

  3. Its like reality has blurred with nightmare and America now lives in a horror story even Stephen King in his prime would be well tested to tell. Where conspiracy, selfishness and anarchy rein while in the midst of an uncontrolled contagious human pandemic. Yet still, the corrupt political wheels of power turn unabated. Even while death reins in the streets, and the virus knocks at our doors.

    Years of public indifference by those holding powers of political self-indulgence have dug a deep hole that we the public may never climb. Will this be our final grave? Are we doomed, turning on each other when the blame casts obvious on the diggers of our graves? On those that have truly led us here?

    Politics, religion and ideology may be a division of right, yet now during this crisis it has become fuel fanning the flames. And today, America stands even more divided than ever and during a crisis that ‘demands’ unity! Until the people and their leaders get their shit together — and in a hurry — things will only get worse, not better!

  4. True, politics is the root cause of the cancerous hate and divisiveness, and politicians will never, as you put it, “get their shit together.” Period. They are each and every one egomaniacal power hungry career criminals who carelessly move citizens around on their crooked chessboard like pawns. Which is why the pawns are now upending the chess table!