The blogger and the son of a bitch


The posts on this blog are a distraction. A distraction from the void of losing my wife. Many of the posts are political.

There are readers out there, particularly a guy in Michigan named Bandelean, who don’t agree with my point of view. So be it. We’re all entitled to our opinions. It’s called free speech. Or it used to be before being censored by Big Tech, aided and abetted by the current administration. This is the kind of remark that makes that mug in Michigan see red and want me dead.

He says he and my wife used to be friends — maybe they were lovers, I don’t know and I don’t care — and that she would not have agreed with my political opinions and would have divorced me. An obscene and ignorant insult that shows he knows nothing about me and my wife and our life together.

Here is his first comment to one of my posts he didn’t agree with:

Jim Bandelean
The Susan I knew wouldn’t have put up with this reactionary bilge. Even with her inherent Catholicism, she would have divorced you

Certainly, she didn’t agree with my political views in these latter years (I used to be a Democrat until Hillary Clinton came along), but that didn’t change our feelings for one other. We had an agreement, perhaps like veteran Democratic strategist James Carville and his wife of twenty-six years, Republican consultant Mary Matalin. Carville and Matalin even collaborated on a book about their life together.

A third, in fact, of all married couples in America consist of individuals with opposing political views.

So the comments from that son of a bitch in Michigan seem to derive not so much from a political standpoint as from a position of ignorance and petty personal spite.

Here’s his comment to my last post about info tech giants blocking free speech:

Jim Bandelean
Always go with your first notion. Buy that cheap pistol and Hemminway your way off this fetid pill

The ‘cheap pistol’ remark is in reference to previous posts I have written about considering suicide after my wife’s death. He could at least try and spell Hemingway’s name correctly.

This Bandelean appears to be a vindictive bastard. He says he and my wife were friends. Okay, that was before she met me. We all or most of us knew other people, even potential marriage partners before we connected with that one special person.

My wife and I were together for thirty-four years, through marital storms and personal tragedy, and, sure, political bullshit. I believe that speaks for itself.

So, to that vindictive son of a bitch Bandelean in Michigan I say, somewhere there is a hell.

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  1. He likes your posts, though, and he reads you!… xaxa…

    Some people do not get that blogging is a way for someone to express thyself. Blogging is not the NYTimes, nor Washington Post, nor Cnn, nor whatever.

    I don’t blame them for their ignorance.

    I assume the Michigan reader remained too long to the political posts, and he took it personally. Which is wrong, very wrong. He could had express his point of view -or his opposite view if you wish- by writing a comment and having a dialogue. You’re a good host and you welcome the new comments. Your comment field is always open to all.

  2. He reads my posts but he doesn’t like them, not that I care about that, but to go so low as to bring my deceased wife into the matter and put it on that despicable personal level is unforgivable, and I am unforgiving.

  3. Thank you for saying so. Since I posted the article exposing his death wish on me it has been viewed by readers in 40 countries, from America to Saudi Arabia, and there will be more as time goes by. The world will know and condemn the contemptible J. Bandelean of Michigan.

  4. I knew Susan as a very bright and energetic colleague and also as a dear friend. The idea that she would have allowed politics to shape her love for her husband is stupid and sort of obscene. Short of coming home in full Nazi regalia and trying to haul her off to an internment camp, Bill could not possibly have uttered a political thought that would have changed Susan’s heart or her feeling for him. The real tell here, the thing that does offer a window into someone’s heart, is some jackass trying to use love and grief to make his jackass point about politics. Among other things, this tells me the person in question hasn’t had a coherent political thought in his life and really just need to see a doctor.

  5. Thank you, James. Maybe you’re right — the ‘jackass’ should see a doctor! He obviously has serious and possibly dangerous hostility.