The afterlife - one theory

The Afterlife — wave length theory

Dear Guy de Michêl

c/o American Daze/Purple Haze,

New York, NY 10001:

Thank you for your letter, it was good to hear from you. In answer to your question, I will not live long enough (by hundreds if not thousands of years) to be around to witness voyages into deep space — but way before any of that I might find some answers when I die and am transported through space and time on an as-yet undiscovered wave length in the electromagnetic spectrum. I call it a state of wave-being, transcending beyond all imagination the limitations of being a human being.

The phenomenon of wave-being comes to me on reliable authority. 

The following is a portion of a transcript of a recording of a conversation between myself and a person who died and secretly communicated it to me by means that at this point in my research are unknown. Personal portions of the conversation have been omitted as irrelevant to the matter at hand.

THE EXCERPT: Think of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum. Over the years, humans have managed to capture some of the invisible waves — radio and television waves, microwaves, ultraviolet, x-rays, gamma rays, but there are immeasurably more out there that humans cannot see or catch. I am one of those waves. Call it yet another undiscovered wave length.

That is all I am at liberty to divulge at this point, but I believe it is substantive to the subject of your letter.

Perhaps we could meet for schnapps on your next visit to Düsseldorf.

Yours, etc.

Prof. Wilhelm Michelob,

University of Wunschdenken.

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