Teen cashier murdered for $100

Beautiful teen cashier gunned down for a lousy $100



A 19-year-old night shift cashier who had just started working at a Manhattan Burger King was shot dead early Sunday for $100 in change.

Kristal Bayron had only been working at the fast food joint at 116th Street and Lexington Avenue in East Harlem for three weeks and already wanted off the late shift.

She told her mother she was scared to go to work that night because of all the homeless people sleeping in front of the shop.

“I don’t want to go. I’m scared,” her mother said Kristal told her.

“You have to go,” the mother said. “You have to be responsible. You have to get a better life.”

Kristal left for work at 10 p.m.

At 1 a.m., an armed robber dressed all in black entered the Burger King, pistol-whipped a male customer and punched the 60-year-old female manager in the face, police said.

A terrified Kristal gave him cash from the register and the thug turned to leave.

But suddenly and without reason, the monster turned around and shot her in the stomach. Kristal was rushed to Metropolitan Hospital.

Kristal died in hospital a short time later.

A young admirer who stopped by the restaurant every night and gave Kristal a flower was in the shop when she was killed. 

“She’d done everything that he say,” he told police. “She give him the money and everything.”

Teen cashier murdered for $100

Kristal’s mother now has to live with the guilt of insisting her daughter go to work that night “to get a better life.”

All Kristal got was death — and for a lousy 100 bucks.

This is another American horror story.


Teen cashier murdered for $100

Teen cashier murdered for $100



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4 thoughts on “Beautiful teen cashier gunned down for a lousy $100

  1. For now, if not God, then the NYPD — catch this soulless son of a bitch and let him rot in prison — and then in hell.

  2. Justice depends on force, and force comes from being skilled. With the dumbing down of police requirements to enter the force, the skill angle is being challenged like never before. It is beyond belief that so many cops are being dragged in for harming the members of the public, while crimes like this go unsolved. Perhaps there’s truth in advertising, and crime doesn’t pay — but if so, why is there so much robbery and muggings?

    — Catxman