Gruesome public hangings by Biden’s “businesslike” barbarians

This is how Biden’s “businesslike and professional” Taliban savages behave.

The brutal Islamic barbarians hoisted the dead bodies of three alleged criminals from cranes and hung them in public view in Afghanistan.

The gruesome hangings followed another public hanging of a dead body in the central square 10 days ago.

Biden’s White House described the Taliban as “businesslike and professional” during the botched withdrawal of American troops and citizens in August.

The shocking display harked back to the Islamic regime of the late 1990s when they enforced their primitive Sharia laws, including cutting off the hands of thieves and stoning adulterers.

The Taliban took over Afghanistan in August two weeks before the Biden administration had planned to withdraw troops and American citizens.

As a result of the disastrous withdrawal, Biden left hundreds of American citizens and allies trapped behind enemy lines, where they continue to face torture and death when they are found by Taliban hit squads. And they will be found.

The abandoned Americans include 40 students from a Sacramento, California, school district.

But you won’t read about the school kids or anything else in the Biden-ass-kissing mass media or hear about it on corporate controlled TV. They helped elect Biden and couldn’t care less about the Americans Biden left behind. They report only what the Establishment wants the gullible public to hear — and that doesn’t include the truth.

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