What happened to Johnny Carson’s Matinee Lady?

Carol Wayne death mystery
Carol Wayne on the Johnny Carson show.

Carol Wayne, the buxom blonde actress who appeared many times on the Johnny Carson show in the 1970s, couldn’t swim.

She didn’t even like to go near the water. She was terrified of water, her personal assistant said.

On January 10, 1985, she was on vacation at the Las Hadas resort in Manzanillo, Mexico, with a man named Ed Durston. There is confusion over whether this Ed Durston was an L.A. car salesman named Edward Dale Durston, who would have been 43 at the time of Carol’s death, or horror movie director David Edward Durston, who went by the name of Ed and who would have been 54 at that time.

Carol Wayne death mystery
Ed Durston the movie director

Carol and this Ed Durston guy had a heated argument and Carol took a walk on the beach to “cool off.”

Three days later, January 13, a fisherman found her body in Santiago Bay. She was 42.

When local officials went looking for Durston he had checked out of the hotel and was back in L.A., apparently unconcerned about Carol’s fate. Unless, of course, he knew! He left her luggage at the airport with a message that she would pick it up next morning.

There were no drugs or alcohol in Carol’s body. She was quickly cremated and her ashes shipped back to her 13-year-old son in Los Angeles.

Carol Wayne’s death was ruled an accident by Mexican authorities, but few people believed that.

“Carol Wayne’s death is unsolved,” the U.S. Consul said at the time. “But I don’t think it was a drowning. There is much more to it than that.”

To this day, no one knows what really happened to Carol Wayne.

Here’s the kicker about that guy named Ed Durston. In 1969 he was the last person to be with TV host Art Linkletter’s daughter Diane before she plunged six floors to her death from a West Hollywood apartment building. This Ed Durston was reported to be 27. at the time, meaning it couldn’t have been Ed Durston the movie director, who would have been 38 at the time. In any case, Diane’s death was ruled a suicide.

Whatever Ed Durston did or whatever he knew, he took to the grave with him.

Diane Linkletter and Carol Wayne, their true fates unknown.

And the death of Johnny Carson’s skit mate is still a mystery.

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Unsolved mystery of the ages 

Where were you, Jesus, and what did you do?

For three long days after being crucified and buried, and until his resurrection, Jesus Christ’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Even the greatest theologians have no answer to the mystery. All they can do is speculate. One, let’s say educated guess is that Jesus descended into hell and “conquered the devil.”

I’m about as far from being a theological scholar as a one-eyed wombat on weed, but I strongly doubt that theory.

For one reason, in fact for tens of thousands of reasons, I think we have plenty of horrific historical evidence that the devil is far from conquered or vanquished or dead.

He is, in view of said documentation very much alive and among us, every day, in every way, oftentimes cleverly disguised but sometimes not so much, as in the guise of politicians.

There are one hundred Bible versions about where Jesus might have been during those three days, but none of them provide a convincing, let alone conclusive answer.

A large stone had been rolled against the entrance of the tomb and Roman soldiers were posted outside in case Jesus’ disciples attempted to roll the stone away and remove the body. [Matthew 27:57-65]

The situation would appear to be impossible. Not even an Agatha Christie or a Raymond Chandler could solve this one.


But let’s get real here: Jesus could do anything — heal the sick, restore sight to the blind, turn water into wine, walk on water — that’s always been the best in my stoned wombat opinion.

So naturally he could come and go through walls as he pleased, as in fact he did later that day [John 20:19]. Or perhaps an angel rolled away the stone. It doesn’t matter, the point is that it was duly said, “He is risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid Him” [Mark 16:6]

So the mystery is not how he got out of the tomb, but where he went. It’s too bad, because that is one huge hole in the story of Jesus.

We know everything else: healing the sick, walking on water and so on and so forth, but I do sincerely wish someone, maybe Jesus Himself, could fill us in on those three missing days.

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Karen Silkwood Coverup

Karen Silkwood death unsolved

All evidence points to murder

Karen Silkwood, a 28-year-old chemical technician at a nuclear facility in Oklahoma, left a union meeting carrying a binder of documents.

The dossier detailed corporate malpractices leading to plutonium contamination of workers, including herself, at the facility. 

Silkwood had decided to go public with the story. She got into her car and headed alone for Oklahoma City, about 30 miles away, to meet with a New York Times reporter, and a union official. It was November 13, 1974.


Her body was found in her car later that evening. The car had run off the road and struck a culvert on the side of the highway. 

The binder of documents was missing. 

Karen Silkwood death unsolved

The crash was ruled an accident but to this day it is suspected that she crashed and died when her car was rammed from behind by another vehicle.

Damage to the rear of Silkwood’s Honda had not been there before the accident, said her family and friends. They also said that Karen had received death threats before the “accident.”

Silkwood’s family sued the company, Kerr-McGee, for her plutonium contamination. The company settled out of court for $1.38 million, while not admitting liability. 

The Silkwood story was chronicled in the 1983 movie ‘Silkwood’ starring Meryl Streep.

Karen Silkwood bio here

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