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Background: The 34-year-old yoga guru is wanted by U.S. Marshals in the shooting death of professional cyclist Moriah (Mo) Wilson, 25, in Austin Texas on May 11. The suspect is said to have become enraged when she found out that Wilson had an affair with her boyfriend, Colin Strickland, 35, who is also a pro gravel bike racer. [Backstory here]


To: U.S.Marshals, Austin, Tex.

.Somewhere, 6/22/22

I have been following my ‘fugitive’ status on computers at local libraries and some of the speculation has been way off base, particularly regarding my sister Christie.

Apparently it’s common knowledge that I took a Southwest flight from Houston to LaGuardia, but I did not go to Camp Haven in Upstate New York.

It’s true that my sister Christie is on staff there as communications liaison but I would never go there and implicate her as an accessory in this unfortunate matter. Christie had no part in this. This is all my doing.

As to whether I took another plane somewhere, or if I melted into the 8 million people in New York City, this will one day be revealed or not revealed.

All I can do now is have faith in the divine vibration of mantra shakti.            K.A.

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Kaitlin — possible sighting in Upstate New York



Kaitlin in Upstate New York


The latest possible sighting of the love-triangle killer was at a remote campground near Livingston Manor, a small town in the Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York.

Kaitlin in Upstate New York

She was reportedly seen at a holistic camp known as Haven, on Mud Pond Road in Livingston Manor, which is a three-hour drive north of Liberty Airport in Newark, New Jersey, where Kaitlin was reportedly ‘dropped off’ on May 18.

Kaitlin’s sister, Christine, 31, is listed as a camp staff member in charge of ‘communications.’

Christine Armstrong

A camper said that Kaitlin showed up at the site about a month ago.

Marshals couldn’t confirm the story, but they said it’s possible she could have visited the camp and then returned to Newark and taken a flight using her sister’s name and passport. It’s one theory of many as to the whereabouts of the slippery fugitive.

Kaitlin in Upstate New York
Kaitlin and her lookalike sister Christine

Kaitlin Armstrong is wanted for shooting her love rival to death in Texas on May 11. By now, she could be anywhere, U.S. Marshals admit.

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Kaitlin worked as a realtor specializing in ‘international relocation.’ So she knows all the tricks about disappearing overseas.


She also has the money to start a new life somewhere. Her real estate and yoga enterprises have made her fairly wealthy with a net worth of about half a million dollars, according to a source familiar with her background.


The 34-year-old fugitive was last seen on surveillance cameras at the Austin, Texas, airport boarding a commuter flight to Houston, with a connecting flight to New York’s LaGuardia Airport.

She wore a black mask over her face, denim jacket, black shirt, white jeans and was carrying a yoga mat on her shoulders.

She then boarded the Southwest flight to New York.

Once in New York, she either vanished into the crowded streets of the Big City, or she took off for somewhere else.

U.S. Marshal Brandon Filla said it’s possible she took another flight from New York.

“We lost track of her when she landed at LaGuardia,” he said. She was reportedly spotted three days later at the airport in Newark, New Jersey, but once again, vanished.  


Kaitlin Marie Armstrong is originally from Livonia, Michigan, and frequently crossed the border into neighboring Ontario, Canada, which would provide an easy escape route for her now.

Kaitlin is five-foot-eight inches tall, weighs 125 pounds and has long, curly light brown hair and hazel eyes. 

She is being hunted by U.S. Marshals for murdering 25-year-old pro-cyclist Moirah “Mo” Wilson in an apartment in Austin on May 11.

Mo lived in California and was in Texas to compete in a gravel bike race near Waco. She was staying in a friend’s apartment in Austin.

Moriah Wilson

Kaitlin recently found out that Mo had an affair several months earlier with her boyfriend, Colin Strickland, 35, also a gravel bike racer, and decided to exact cold vengeance.

Colin Strickland

On the night of May 11, Kaitlin went to the apartment where Mo was staying when no one else was there and shot her three times with a Sig Sauer 9mm handgun equipped with a silencer. She hid Mo’s racing bike in thick bamboo near the apartment to make the shooting look like a ‘robbery gone bad.’

Kaitlin’s black Jeep Cherokee was seen on surveillance camera driving by the apartment building on the night of the murder.

She sold the car for $12,000 before getting out of Texas, it was later learned.



The day after the shooting, May 12, Austin cops brought Kaitlin in for questioning. A 9-mm pistol Kaitlin’s boyfriend gave her months earlier matched the murder weapon. Cops asked her to account for her whereabouts over the past 24 hours.

Police described her demeanor as ‘guarded’ during the interview. They got nothing out of her. And then they let her go!

Strickland, meanwhile, has fled his home state of Texas and gone ‘underground.’

Why would he do that? He is said to be in fear for his life, scared that Kaitlin will come after him next. That’s not going to happen — she’s long gone. 

Strickland races gravel bikes (bike racing over rough roads) for events sponsored by the energy drink Red Bull. Other Red Bull riders have gone on social media to call Strickland a bad dude with the ladies and an all-round creep.

Whatever, three things are known for sure: Mo Wilson is dead, Strickland is in hiding and Kaitlin is still on the lam.

The mystery deepens and law enforcement is stumped.

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Kaitlin Armstrong in Katmandu by now

Kaitlin Armstrong slippery customer


Texas love-triangle fugitive Kaitlin Armstrong has evaded U.S. Marshals for four weeks now, slipping in and out of four airports in three states.

The murder suspect has been spotted at two airports in Texas, and at airports in New York and New Jersey, and then — poof! — she vanishes.

In addition to being a yoga instructor, Kaitlin worked as a realtor specializing in ‘international relocation.’ So she knows all the tricks about disappearing overseas.

The yoga guru could be in Nepal right now, far from the law in the mystical Himalayas where yoga originated 5,000 years ago — and where there is no extradition back to the U.S.

She was last seen being dropped off at Newark Airport in New Jersey on May 18, four days after taking a flights from Austin, Texas, to Houston and then to New York City.

Kaitlin Armstrong slippery customer
Kaitlin Armstrong at the Austin Texas airport

At Newark Liberty Airport no one name Kaitlin Armstrong boarded an outbound flight, but being a hunted fugitive on the lam she’s not stupid enough to use her real name. So, she either boarded a flight under a phony name or went to Newark just to fool the cops. Either way, she vanished again. Now I know why they call it Liberty Airport.

U.S. Marshals have offered $5,000 reward for information on her whereabouts.

The 34-year-old is wanted for the murder of professional cyclist Moirah (Mo) Wilson, 25, who was shot to death in a friend’s apartment in Austin on May 11.

Kaitlin Armstrong slippery customer
Moirah Wilson
Colin Strickland

Kaitlin was furious when she recently found out that her boyfriend, gravel cyclist Colin Strickland, 35, had an affair with Mo Wilson several months earlier, and threatened to kill her love rival. The 9-mm pistol used to murder Wilson matches the gun that Strickland gave Kaitlin many months ago.

Kaitlin Armstrong slippery customer

I strongly doubt if she’s ‘armed and dangerous.’ She would not have been able to board an airplane with a gun and she’s not dumb enough to pick one up on the run and risk it being traced.

So, the hunt for the elusive Kaitlin A. goes on. The Marshals are getting desperate, but Kaitlin, being an instructor in the ancient discipline of yoga, is undoubtedly calm of mind and detached from the whole fugitive thing.


If she did take a plane anywhere it could have been to Nepal, the yoga capital of the world that has no extradition treaty with the U.S. (I’m thinking of going there myself and becoming immersed in the Eternal Dharma.)

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