Mourning Michelle

A MASS VIGIL was held in Times Square on Tuesday night for Michelle Go who was pushed to her death in front of a subway train at the Times Square station by a homeless psycho.

Michelle, an Asian-American, was a successful businesswoman who helped those less fortunate than herself put their lives back together — including the homeless.

Mass vigil for Michelle
Michelle Go

Michelle was a senior manager at the top consulting firm Deloitte and lived on the Upper West Side.

“She loved New York and would rather be here than anywhere else,’’ said Kim Garnett, a friend and coworker.

The deranged maniac, Simon Martial, 61, showed no emotion when he turned himself into the police. He said her pushed her to her death because he is God.

Mass vigil for Michelle

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Scene of the crime

Dear Guido, just a quick note to say that my trip back to the 1970s went without a hitch. I rented a furnished apartment on 42nd Street above an Italian restaurant (!!!) — perfetto, si?

Although, apartment is too grandiose a word for this place. Basically it’s a room with a bed, a hot plate, a fridge and a tiny bathroom — and a couple of resident cockroaches. But it has a lovely “terrace” ha-ha — the landing of a fire escape that drops down to 42nd Street. The place is perfect for an old immigrato bastard like me. Back to the scene of the crime, as the saying goes.

This was my first view of America when I arrived here in 1975. Then a lot of shit happened. More than forty years for godsake. Well, you know most of it. Anyway, here I am, I’ve gone full circle.

Look after yourself, amico. These are merda times.

American Daze Purple Haze

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Sad Sign of the Times

‘Once upon a midnight dreary…’

So much for New Year’s Eve! Public access to New York’s Times Square was blocked off for the first time in 114 years.

In past years, one million people pack the ‘Crossroads of the World’ to welcome in the new year.

But in this wretched year of Covid, only a scattering of spectators were on the scene as NYPD officers kept the area cordoned off for what will go down in history as the most miserable New Year’s Eve on record.

In my house 65 miles north of Times Square, I hear fireworks exploding in local parks — not so much welcoming in 2021, as blowing 2020 to smithereens.


(A picture’s worth a 1,000 words)



Quote snippet from Edgar Alan Poe’s poem The Raven

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