Hell on earth

Soul is the essence

Soul is the essence of who we are. The essential being. Untrap the soul from the religious trappings that surround it and you have the pure essence of yourself.

The soul is born of spiritualism, not religion. Religion is a herd-instinct manifestation of spirituality that can distort and pervert how we think, who we become and ultimately what we do. Hideous events throughout history right up to the present day prove this to be true.

Religion can turn human beings into inhuman beings who kill each other over conflicting beliefs that are insane in the first place. The conflict becomes a conflagration of atrocities. 

In the purity of childhood we love one another. The love becomes twisted by religion and politics and we grow hateful and racist and obsessed with doctrine. We become blind to understanding and compassion. We become monsters. We slaughter each other in the name of maniacal myths and nonexistent gods.

The bullets and the blades and the flames destroy more than our bodies. They destroy our souls. And that is the end of humanity. This planet, this life becomes a hell beyond belief, beyond religion, beyond myth. The hell becomes reality and we all burn to death.

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Waiting For Todog


It is the worst of times and it is the worst of times. (Apologies to Charles Dickens — there is no best.)

These are just rotten times all around. Everybody’s in it. The virus keeps advancing like a freaking alien army, the Dreaded Spikes from the Land of Covid, mutating, rotating, gyrating, contorting, morphing into variants and deviants and aberrant preversions, the Delta variant and the United variant and the Qantas variant and the Air China variant, screwing with the heads of stinking rich Big Pharma snake oil hucksters who trot out untested poisonous cocktails that Doctor Tiny Faustus, chief medical liar to the prez, sez will save your life even though people are dying from them, be a good little sheep, get jabbed, get spiked, live a short painful life, I am your shepherd, the good doctor, Follow Me, and I’ll make you wish you were dead, don’t listen to the horror stories of the bad vax reactionaries, they live in a fantasy world of reality, their blood clots are mere bumps on the road to hell, their seizures are illusions, their hallucinations are delusions, their paralysis is a phantasy.

What’s a body to do? Forget the body, focus on the soul. The soul is the essence of the human being, the essential you, who you really are, what makes you tick but not tock, a hardwired part of the mind but not the body, forget the body, go deep into your mind, sit here quietly, smoke some weed, drink gin and tonic, the tonic contains quinine, an ingredient in hydroxychloroquine that treats lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and malaria and, wouldn’t you know it! Covidfckng19, yeah, yeah, yeah, just sit here and get stoned and mellow and wait for a giant meteor to crash into the earth.

O, happy day!

Header art Ralph Steadman

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