Herd mentality

The government tells us to get a potentially dangerous vaccine and we do.

Most people let the government do the thinking for them. They don’t think for themselves. The government tells them to inject themselves with an experimental, unfully tested concoction of ingredients that have caused blood clots and a horrorscape of other hideous reactions, and possibly alter their DNA and turn them or their children into freaks, and these people actually do what the government tells them and submit to the possibly poisonous injection.

They believe people like Dr. Fauci, who was proved to be a liar, unconscionably lying under oath before the U.S. Senate that he didn’t know about the virus being “engineered” in a laboratory in Wuhan, China, when all along, not only did he know, but his health institute donated millions to the Wuhan research, knowing that it could cause a global pandemic.

My God, Dr. Fauci is worse than literature’s Doctor Faustus, who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for power. 


People of the herd believe the lies of the Big Pharma drug companies, one of whom, Johnson & Johnson, knew about the danger of asbestos in its talcum baby powder and yet continued to sell it to mothers with babies, causing mothers to die from ovarian cancer and others to become stricken with mesothelioma.

These same companies are now saying it’s safe to inject little babies and teenagers with the covid vaccines.

The companies of course have added a hundred fold to their filthy riches because of the pandemic. Greed being their sole motive, obviously they’re going to continue to hawk their dangerous products. They are snake oil salesmen of death.

Why would anyone believe these proven liars and put their lives and the lives of their children at risk?

The government seeks “herd immunity” — herd as in herd of cattle or sheep. They shame the unvaccinated and tell them they are a danger to the new brainwashed society of the vaccinated herd.

Then there are the people who think for themselves and tell these lying, profiteering “shepherds” that they are not sheep or cattle, that they are human beings and they have a right to think for themselves.

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It’s not exactly a news flash that the minds of the Average Joe and the Average Jane are manipulated by TV and the corporate media. But it’s worth remembering when your lives and your businesses are going all to hell in this isolated era of hysteria.

When Big Pharma, for example, comes out with an untested vaccine with unknown long-term side effects that it wants to unleash on the public, the mass media and the info tech giants spin it big time.

They control everything we see on TV and read in the mainstream newspapers and magazines. They therefore control everything we think and believe. And that’s exactly what the current globalist government of America wants.

The corporate media tell us what they want us to believe so that the unholy trinity of Big Government, Big Media and Big Tech will have total control over our minds and our lives, usually without us even being aware of it. Well, not all of us.

“Because of this strategy virtually everything we hear and see in the mainstream media is a lie,” writes author and free thinker David Sorensen.

“They lie about God, sexuality, biology, health, culture, history, everything. It is utterly impossible to get an accurate view of reality through the news, major magazines or well-known websites.”

George Carlin: “Governments don’t want a population capable of critical thinking.”


“Even education is programmed in such a way that it enslaves people into a web of countless lies,” Sorensen continues. “People become programmed robots who have lost the ability to think for themselves or do genuine research.”

When independently minded people try to break free of the web of lies, they are ridiculed as conspiracy nuts.

The warning from the mind controllers is this: “Think what WE tell you, or else we will shame, blame and ban you,” Sorenson writes.

“The media, education, politics, health care, food industries — everything is in the hands of the same billionaire criminals who have lied to us for years,” he concludes. “They have a specific goal: enslave humanity as much as possible and create a world of total control.”

Yo, Average Joe and Average Jane, have a nice day!

David Sorensen is an author and speaker. His websites are:


and https://www.godisreal.today

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