The Waking Dead

Mary Neal came back from the dead


In 1999, the Wyoming doctor technically drowned when her kayak overturned. She was pinned underwater beneath the boat for thirty minutes before being rescued and resuscitated.

There is no medical explanation how she avoided brain damage after being under water for that long.

During the half-hour that she was submerged, Neal said she looked down on her body from above and felt herself travel to a place where she met the spirits of departed family members.


The spirits told her that her son would die at some point in the future.

Ten years later her oldest son Willie was hit by a car and killed at age 20. 

After her journey to the afterlife Mary Neal, now 62, embraced a spiritual life and now refers to herself as a “child of God.”

Her experience is one of the stories that will be explored in a new Netflix documentary ‘Surviving Death’ which premiers on January 6.

Mary Neal’s experience of looking down on her body after flatlining is similar to those of many people who have had near-death experiences.

The documentary is based on a book by journalist Leslie Kean. 

“I do not believe that consciousness is limited to the physical brain,” said Kean. “Could consciousness survive the death of the physical brain? There’s a lot of evidence that it can. We can’t provide hardcore answers, but we can show what it’s like for people to go on this journey.”

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In Bad with the Good Lord


You pray in your own way which is not the customary way not the rosary way but nonetheless you pray to become imbued with a spirituality to become captivated held captive if necessary by a spiritualism that would hold the possibility of being reunited if not physically obviously not physically then metaphysically with your wifes spirit her essence her psychic presence her courage her mind her heart but the Good Lord in his infinite wisdom (surely you jest sir) or should I say the Bad Lord in his spiteful revenge (oh you will go to hell for that sir) a cosmic sadist so to speak as did speak or rather wrote CS Lewis playing Devils advocate in his brutally honest book A Grief Observed this invisible Force that is not With You this Phantom this Almighty Ghost Who Doesnt Walk denies you imbuement in both the natural world and the otherworldly supernatural world

For some godless diabolical reason sir you are unimbueable

At this point you may seek enlightenment from enlightened souls like Mitch Teemley who I humbly acknowledge sometimes reads my posts or from the intricate mind and caring heart of a blogger known simply as Dot who recently bugged out of the blogosphere to seek a Reunion With Silence

But expect none of the above to be forthcoming sir for I do believe you are expecting too much both in spiritual imbuement and enlightenment and I would furthermore advise you to cease overreaching and content yourself with the memories sir the memories of S

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