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By Renata de Dios

Thirteen months ago my friend isolated himself from the world after the love of his life died.  It was right before Christmas 2018.  Nothing could get him out of his depression.   Nothing could lure him out of that bungalow on County Road 9 that held him hostage to the memories of his wife’s three-year illness.  Toward the end of the three years, she started to turn the corner to good health, but only to be struck down again.  This time there was no return.  She died in a hospital with my friend by her side.

Just a few weeks ago, we turned our clocks ahead in anticipation of Spring.  It was then that my friend miraculously sprung out of his depression and started to make plans to move out of that bungalow on County Road 9 into a small cottage near his long-time friend.  It all happened so fast.  One day a junk man was picking up his old stuff. And the next day he was making arrangements for his belongings to be moved to his new home so he could start his new life.  All was good.

Then, without warning, the coronavirus hit the U.S. like an atomic bomb, killing my friend’s dreams for the time being.  Who would believe it?  A couple of special news reports and my friend’s life had to be put on hold.  Not just my friend’s life — everyone’s life.  Not just in the U.S., but around the world. 

This week my friend would have been traveling with his faithful cat to his new home to start his new life, just in time for Spring.  It would have been a time for him to be reborn and renewed.  It would have been a time for hope.  Now that will all have to wait.  But to every season, there is a purpose… and summer will be here before we know it.




Sunflowers for Susan

“Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.”

The pain in my gut has gone for now, probably because I ate and drank as little as possible today — well, I still had a goodly pint.
Tomorrow, instead of hanging myself from a sturdy hook at the top of the door frame

I will go to the plant shop and buy sunflower seeds and grow sunflowers for Susan.
They will grow tall and beautiful.
The ground may still be too hard.
I will see.
But I will buy the seeds
and wait…

Spring begins in my neck of the woods at 5:58 pm on Wednesday and on that occasion, instead of continuing to drown in a sorrow of tears, I will go to the garden shop and buy sunflower seeds which I will plant as a memorial to Susan, who loved sunflowers (who doesn’t?)

I think the ground will be thawed enough to plant the seeds, but if not quite yet, I will wait…

This wonderful idea came to me in a dream last night — maybe Susan put it there. As Euripides wrote 25 centuries ago: “Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.”