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Did my wife see God when she listened to this aria?

From the final act of Puccini’s opera ‘Turandot.’

Susan listened to Pavarotti singing  the aria ‘Nessun Dorma’ the night before she died. That music, and the close-to-God look on her face is my last living memory of her.

Nessun dorma’ is Italian for “None shall sleep.”

But now Susan is asleep, some say forever in an un-life of oblivion; others say until Jesus returns; and others say she is awake in an eternal world of wondrous glory.

And I say, I don’t know. But I fear the worst. That I will never be with her again. And that is why this empty house that we shared now resounds with the sustained high-note aria that moved her soul.


The searcher


In the dead of night

the steady drumming of rain on the roof 

and in the bushes outside my window

awakens my soul and sends it searching,

searching for my wife in the unknown void

where death dumped her body so frail and lost

and left me alone in a living hell

in the dead of night.