Screw it, man!


To hell with 2021, it’s turning out worse than 2020.

Screw that, man, I’m going back to the 1970s — the ‘Me Decade,’ as novelist Tom Wolfe called it. He meant it disparagingly, taking a swipe at the self-absorbed baby boomers.

So we were self-absorbed — big deal. At least we had fun, unlike the current misery of endless ‘variants’ of the pandemic lined up like planes at LaGuardia, lockdowns and shut-ins, jabs and masks, despots trying to herd us all into sheep pens and control our every move and our minds and our bodies. Pardon my French, but, putain cette merde, mec.

The 1970s was a decade of free spirits, uninhibited sex, drugs, sweet, stoned flowing love, and some of the best songs.

Let’s start with the music.


Compiled by Top Culture (thanks, man)

PART 1: January 1970 — December 1974


PART 2: January 1975 — December 1979

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She died young — and by her own lovely hand

Drugs and depression claim the young lives of adult film stars

On July 11, 1994, one of the most famous and beautiful adult movie stars of the early 1990s shot herself in the head. She was 23.

Savannah — her real name was Shannon Michelle Wilsey — starred in over 100 videos and in 1992 was named Adult Video News’s Best New Starlet. She was ranked No. 19 of the adult film industry’s top 50 porn stars of all time.


Savannah, a heavy drug user, had relationships with Gregg Allman, who she started dating when she was 16, comedian Pauly Shore, singer Billy Idol, Mötley Crüe lead singer Vince Neil, actor Mark Wahlberg, Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth, Mr Big bassist Billy Sheehan and Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash.

Female porn star suicides
I’m kind of on the wild side.
I don’t think I ever went out
with anybody with short hair.

Shortly before her death, Savannah was driving home from a party with a friend, Jason Swing, when she crashed her Corvette into a fence and broke her nose. The couple made their way to Savannah’s house in Universal City, Calif., where she asked Jason to walk her dog. Savannah then called her manager Nancy Pera and asked her to come over. And then she went into the garage and pulled the trigger.

When Nancy Pera arrived at the house Savannah was still alive, but barely. She was taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Burbank and was put on life support. Eleven hours later her father made the decision to shut it down. Pauly Shore was at her bedside.
Savannah’s boyfriend
Pauly Shore

Friends, family and adult film associates attended her funeral. Shore was the only ex-boyfriend there. “She was the nicest, most beautiful girl I ever met.”

Shore said she killed herself because “she forgot who Shannon was” and became her drug-addicted film persona. “I knew she wanted out of the porn business.”



Female porn star suicides
January Seraph

January Seraph, who was described as “the sweetest person in the world,” hanged herself in 2018 in her San Francisco apartment at the age of 31.

Female porn star suicides
Olivia Voltaire (aka Olivia Lua)

Olivia (Lua) Voltaire died in 2018 in West Hollywood of a drug-and-alcohol overdose when she was 23.

August Ames

A native of Nova Scotia, August Ames hanged herself in December 2017 in Camarillo, California, after being bullied online about her profession. She was 23.

Alyssa Funke

University of Wisconsin student Alyssa Funke killed herself in 2014 at the age of 19 to escape being bullied by fellow students over her adult film roles.

Clarissa Doll

Ex-Budweiser girl Clarissa Doll committed suicide in Las Vegas in 2006 at the age of 26.

Angela Devi

Originally from a Punjabi family, Angela Devi asphyxiated herself with a plastic bag in 2006 in her home in Scottsdale, Arizona. She was 30.

Naughtier Childs

Naughtier Childs was 22 when she jumped to her death from her fourth-floor apartment balcony in Hollywood in 2002.

Female porn star suicides
Alex Jordan

Alex Jordan hanged herself in 1995 in her Marina Del Rey, California apartment at the age of 31.

Kelly Van Dyke

The daughter of Jerry Van Dyke, the star of the TV show ‘Coach,’ Kelly Van Dyke killed herself in 1991. She was 33.

Megan Leigh

Megan Leigh was 26 when she shot herself in the head in 1990 in Solano County, California.

Female porn star suicides
Shauna Grant

A sweetheart from the Midwest, Shauna Grant shot herself with a semiautomatic .22 caliber rifle in 1984 in Palm Springs, California. She was only 20 years old.


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Python of pure sex

“Oh, baby, come on home.”

Guido Michelini showered in the basement of Grand Central Station. Two quarters in the turnstile for a torn towel and a piece of soap with hair on it.

He wasn’t a bona fide bum. The night before he had $400 in crisp new $100 bills in his wallet that he had just withdrawn from an ATM. His last.

He lost them to a  black whore in the Cavalier Hotel on East 36th Street. A black python of pure sex. She charged him $100 for a blowjob, and while he was still recovering, she lifted the crisp new $100 bills from his wallet and skedaddled out of there. He heard her yelling “Taxi!” on the street below. That’s when he looked in his wallet. She hadn’t taken any of his ID and had left him with a few $5 and $10 dollar bills, which he thought was very considerate.

It turned out to be a damn expensive blowjob, but almost worth it, in fact he’d say it was worth it, as he showered in the basement of Grand Central Station while men crapping in toilets without doors looked on. He had to laugh.

Collect Call from Giorgio Amani

He had no credit cards with any credit left, but he had girlfriends, and when he was cleaned up and was back in his Giorgio Amani suit, he phoned one of them collect in Los Angeles. He told her tearfully and with appropriate drama that he had been robbed by a thug in the night who held a knife to his throat and took his $400 in crisp new $100 bills.

She said, “Oh, baby, come on home,” and said she would put an airline ticket to L.A. on her American Express card. He used part of the cash the python had left him to take a cab to Kennedy Airport. Then he was on a plane heading for the City of Angels. Oh, baby, come on home!

Guido had several such “homes.” He was a loser, but in many ways he was a winner.

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