Black Lives Matter backlash

It’s official — BLM stands for Black Lives Mayhem!

Brandishing ‘Death to America’ banner, chanting ‘Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground’

Bullying elderly white diners in restaurants 


Demonstrators terrorized elderly white diners in a Pittsburgh restaurant over the weekend, screaming obscenities at them, downing their drinks, smashing glasses and forcing them to leave.

Similar incidents in the past week, in Washington DC and Rochester NY, have followed the same threatening pattern against white diners while they quietly eat their meals.

Intimidate Pittsburgh diners


White people now associate the new wave of intimidation with the Biden-Harris soft-on-crime, defund-the-police Democrat ticket for the presidency.

“Whether or not all rioters are Democratic voters,” writes Miranda Devine in the New York Post, “they increasingly are associated with Joe Biden’s campaign in the minds of voters who fear violence is coming to their suburb.”

The end result — the people who are being bullied will not vote for the Biden-Harris liberalism.

So guess what?

You guessed it.

Black Lives Matter violence rages out of control from Portland to Pittsburgh. Story HERE.

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Black Lives Matter bullies hurting their cause


What happened to the rights of people to have a quiet meal in a restaurant?

A mob of BLM bullies barged into an Upstate New York restaurant where people were quietly dining on Friday night and sent them fleeing in terror.

The hooligans smashed the diners’ wine glasses in front of their faces, broke plates, threw chairs wildly about and yelled at the diners to get out. “We’re shutting you down!”

The people peacefully eating in the restaurant had nothing to do with the reason for the BLM protest — the death of a black man in police custody last March — but that didn’t matter to this mob.

There are no police in sight. What happened to the rights of people to have a quiet meal in a restaurant?

BLM bullies pulled a similar tactic when they surrounded diners at a Washington DC restaurant earlier in the week and demanded that they raise their arms in solidarity with their movement. When the diners refused, they were harassed and threatened.


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America is a ticking time bomb

Anger and guns — deadly combination

300 percent increase in gun sales in March

People are angry. They’re angry about the Covid lockdowns. They’re angry because they are losing their jobs and can’t pay the rent and feed their families. They’re angry because the stores are all out of the food and supplies they need to survive.

They are angry because they get beaten up by the cops if they don’t keep a certain distance from each other in public. They’re angry at the politicians who pretend to be helping but in truth are making things worse with partisan, self-serving bullshit. And African-Americans are angry because they find themselves — yet again — in the crosshairs of deadly racism.

In short, Americans are as mad as hell.

Peter Finch as Howard Beale in the 1976 movie ‘Network’

Howard Beale, the Mad Prophet of the Airwaves, yelled this mantra 44 years ago, but it’s more relevant in the Age of Covid than it was then — with one third of the country out of work and 2,000 people dying of the virus every day, with no end in sight.


  • Police fire at protesters where Indianapolis cops killed three people in 24 hours
  • Armed Black Panthers protest unarmed black man being gunned down two white men
  • Sheriff’s deputy and armed whites terrorize black family by barging into their home
  • Single Mother Arrested and Cuffed in New York for Protesting the Lockdown
  • Florida woman arrested for being on a closed beach with a ‘We are free sign’ 
  • Homeless tents in San Francisco up by 300 percent leaving streets impassable
  • Native American tribes given 48 hours to remove checkpoints barring non-essential visitors from entering

America ready to explode
Americans line up to buy guns


America ready to explode
They teach them young