Jolted out of self-pity by hellfire horror

The outside world slapped me in the face today. It yanked me out of my pit of self-pity and gave me a damn good shaking.

My sorrow was re-directed to the 34 people who burned to death while trapped below deck with no escape hatch when the boat they were on was engulfed in flames off the southern coast of California.

They could be heard screaming and banging on the locked door as the inferno consumed them in a hideously painful death. It didn’t help that all five crew members jumped overboard to save themselves, leaving the passengers to their doom.

The ‘dive boat’ The Conception was on a three-day scuba diving trip when it caught fire while anchored off Santa Cruz Island overnight Monday. The passengers were sleeping in tight quarters below deck when they were trapped by the blaze, the Daily Mail reported. The five crew members had separate sleeping quarters and escaped the inferno in a dinghy.

Daily Mail story here 

A hellish incident like that puts things in perspective for an aging man lamenting his loneliness in a bungalow in the mid-Hudson valley.

Dramatic footage from chopper cam

Photos: Daily Mail