Who would hurt this little girl?

Search for little Harmony.

Her child-beating father would!

Search for little Harmony.
Harmony’s father Adam Montgomery

Harmony Montgomery was five years old when she went missing three years ago in Manchester, New Hampshire. Authorities weren’t alerted to her disappearance until last year.

Her father Adam Montgomery, 31, is behind bars for assault after hitting the little girl in the face. He has also been charged with stealing a rifle and a shotgun before Harmony’s disappearance. He’ll be facing a murder charge if they find her body.

Cops on Tuesday searched an apartment in Manchester where the father and Harmony’s stepmother lived. They removed a refrigerator from the building.

The child’s stepmother Kayla Montgomery, also 31, is currently out on bail on a welfare fraud charge. Neither the father or the stepmother are cooperating with police to help find the child.

Search for little Harmony.
Stepmother Kayla Montgomery

Harmony was in her father’s care at the time of her disappearance after her biological mother, Crystal Sorey, lost custody because of drug addiction.

When Harmony went missing her father and the stepmother told investigators that she had gone to stay with her biological mother in Massachusetts. She didn’t, of course.

“I know this is no longer a rescue mission,” Crystal Sorey said Tuesday. “They’re looking for a body.”

There is a $150,000 reward for information leading to the missing child, who would now be eight years old.

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